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Party Themes

Lets be honest, College Party Themes are one of the best ideas of college. One problem most people have when trying to choose a theme is finding one that they are interested in, thankfully; this is where we come into play!

We have compiled a list of college party themes that hopefully will help you either plan a party or figure out what you should be wearing to the party much more easy; perfect for frat and or sorority party themes too. Therefore, without further adu; here are some of the best college party themes!

List of the Best Frat and Sorority College Party Themes

Crush Party: Krush and Get Crushed

crush party theme

Description: Do you remember that senior high guy you’ve got a major crush on? Well, your fairy tale with him turns out to be a one-sided. Perhaps, he didn’t see the tactical moves or signs …

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Crayons Party: Show off those true colors

crayon party theme

Description: Another misconception of a Crayons party in college is that you’re going to a party with big bright flowers plastered on the walls with rainbow colored cupcakes and attractive looking party hats. You’re absolutely …

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