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Movie Party Theme: Time For The Red Carpet


Do you want to share your love for movies with your friends and college mates by holding a party with a movie-inspired theme? If yes, then continue reading on! A Movie theme party is an awesome option because it gives you the freedom to be artistic and bring out the director in you. It has less expense compared with other party themes and you get to have a discussion on what sort of movies do other people watch. With the right setup and planning, your guests are going to watch out for a night of party marathon.


Indoors + Nighttime is the perfect combo for watching movies. You don’t need to spend a lot to prepare for this setup as this is more like a pajamas party with no pajamas. Get a room where your visitors can fit in and where food is accessible. Make sure that that room has a television. By the way, any kinds of TV will do but a wide, flat screen one is ideal. Hey, we’re talking a movies party here!

As for the decorations, you can use old film reels, disposable cameras and a director’s clapboard. You can put a red carpet on the entryway with a banner “This way.” You can also dim the lights as your friends enter to give them a cinematic feel. It really depends on how big you are making your party as that will also reflect how much prep work needs to be put in.

Movie Party Costume Ideas:

Now, a movie themed party can either be generalized or specific.

  • Generalized: A generalized theme allows the guests to dress up for any kind of attire or a character that they saw in the movies. It can be Superman, Baymax, Cinderella or even Borat. This is more fun because guests will never run out of ideas on what they should doll up for.
  • Specific: A specific theme requires guests to dress up as the characters in a movie you specifically want. You should inform the guests ahead of time on what they should wear to your party. A great example would be to act as the cast of the Avengers, Justice League or any movie that has squads or groups in them to avoid repetitive characters. Although, you can only invite a limited number of guests if you opt for this kind of theme.

Party Warning and Tips:

  • The Party Foods are the same as those you used to watch when you’re in the cinema and so POPCORN is a must! Avoid alcohol as you don’t want your guests to puke on your couches. I suggest you go for refreshments instead such as cider, lemonade, and sodas.
  • You can accessorize the invitations by making it look like movie tickets and a No Ticket; No entry rule can be imposed (Just kidding!).
  • If you don’t have any cool movies to watch, you can always use games as back-ups. Try doing Hollywood charades with movies as its theme, doing a celebrity guessing game or testing the acting abilities of your guests.

Drink Recipes:

Depending if you are having a causal party or a all out rager, it will also change the type of drinks that are being served. Obviously if you have a lot of people, keg or jungle juice is perfect. But if its small, this is the time to whip out those mixers and get a little fancy. Creativity will be key here.

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