black light party theme
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Black Light Party Theme: Throwing the Best Black Light Party

Light ‘Em Up: A Guide to Throwing the Coolest Black Light Party

Looking for a way to celebrate your party in another light? Try out a black light college party theme. Have fun with games like luminescent beer pong and activities like painting a graffiti wall with glow-in-the-dark paint. You can get also creative with your costumes and party decorations. The more glow in the dark things you can find, the better!

black light party theme
Photo by between a rock and a far-off place / CC BY


This college party theme is simply a party in a room lit by black light bulbs. The guests would wear luminous clothing that would glow in the black light. Even though this party theme sounds simply, it requires everyone to participate to have a good time. Don’t let that looser ruin your party because he just didn’t feel like dressing up.

The Setup:

First, find a room for the black light party. It should be dark, even at night. Cover every hole where light can go in. Don’t let anyone be able to see in either as you don’t want cops to notice the rager you’re about to have.

Next, replace all light bulbs with black light bulbs. Light bulbs for a black light party theme can be purchased online or in hardware stores. Use strobe lights and laser lights for an added effect. Also prepare glow-in-the-dark sticks to hand out to the guests. Honestly, anything glow in the dark is great to further improve the party.

Go creative with decorations. Black light party theme decorations can be purchased online. Use glowing utensils, plates and glasses to serve drinks and food. The more you go all out, the better the party will be!

After planning the set up for the party, send out invitations to everyone. Be sure to announce what your guests should wear—bright-colored clothes—in the party. Also, don’t forget to be creative with the invitation; make sure it also goes with the black light party theme.

Costume Ideas: What should you wear?

The black light party theme requires guests to be in brightly colored outfits so they will also glow in the black light. Trying to figure out what you should wear for a black light party theme though can be challenging.

Get creative and try out a few of these other colors such as white, pinp, neon green or pink etc which will stand out the most in a black light. If there is another theme alongside the black light party theme, like Mardi Gras or Halloween, think of ways to make your costume glow.

Glow-in-the-dark accessories like necklaces and bracelets also look good in a black light party.

Warnings and Tips:

  • First of all, be sure to buy quality black light bulbs to ensure safety. It is more efficient to buy a few black light tubes than to buy plenty of bulbs that are more inexpensive.
  • It is important to illuminate the room adequately for a black light party theme. This is also why black light tubes are more worthy using for a black light party theme than bulbs because they are brighter and they light the place better.
  • Also, label exits and comfort rooms with neon signs that can glow in the dark.
  • Make sure all valuables are put away along with all the rooms you don’t want your party goers in are closed. Don’t let a dumb mistake ruin your college party.

Drink Ideas:

Glow-in-the-Dark Drinks for this college party are perfect and couldn’t be more recommended. If you can throw these drinks together, you’ll have one amazing party.

There are plenty of recipes for black light party theme drinks you can search online. Some of the ingredients commonly used in these drinks are: tonic water which glows blue; drinks with Vitamin B which glows bright yellow; milk, caramel, honey and syrup which all glows yellow.

Food coloring can be used to tweak the color of these drinks.

The Blackout Punch and the Mummy are a common find in this college party theme. Soft drinks like 7up, Mountain Dew and Sprite can be served too because they give off a glowing effect.

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