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Casino Party Theme: Start Throwing Some Money


Everyone dreams of going to the Sin City; unfortunately not everyone has the money to actually go there. So, we resort to other methods such as having a theme for it. A Casino Themed Party combines both gambling and drinking altogether.

For one night, you’re going to be dubious gamblers, sleek waitresses, and sexy bachelorettes in this Black-Red-Green event and so with a hearty laugh, we dare say, “Las Vegas, here we come!”


Provide a room that can accommodate the number of guests you’ve invited. If you only have a couple of friends over, you can use your dorm or you can use your friends’ rooms and set up different games for each. The hues for a Casino Party are red, white, black and green in varying shades. You can dim the lights to look like one of those true casinos in Nevada.

Utilize black-and-red streamers along the walls and put dice cutouts, fake chips, and a deck of cards on the table. Feel free to get some of the classic casino lighting out too. If you can’t afford that, just replace your lights and red for an added touch. Aside from the decors, you should prepare games for your company.

Casino Party Costume Ideas:

Casinos are for the rich! They come in looking like they can buy their own country without even showing their money. You see, it’s all about how you look. Your attire can either bring you to fame or lose the limelight in a sec.

The guys can wear suits, tuxedos, or any outfit that a typical business man wears. They can go for the 50’s look like the one Elvis Presley wore– a long-sleeved polo party open at the front showing your chest hairs for an added boost.

The ladies needs to wear something shiny and glimmering: a sparkling cocktail dresses or party dresses for ladies who want to hook up with the guys. Both these outfits should show some heavy cleavages and it should be skimpy enough that the guys would mingle with you rather than gamble.

Party Warning and Tips:

  • Casino Parties are all about all-night gambling so you need to set up games for your guests. Card games, table games like Roulette and Craps, and Poker games are major forms of entertainment. Pair up newbies with pros to give them some tips about the game. A little bit of wager or bets involved won’t hurt.
  • To ensure full participation of the guests, you can give your visitors each a scorecard wherein they can cross out the number of games they’ve already entered.
  • The Casino foods are known for being sophisticated and classy. A mix of exotic foods in which no one is familiar with the name will be applauded even if that name doesn’t exist (It’s just chicken wings, everyone).
  • It’s better if you serve the drinks at the end of the games. You don’t want a drunken gambler rampaging around the room because he lost the bet. Champagne cocktails, martinis and the non-alcoholic classic Shirley Temples are popular drinks for the night. You can ask the waitresses to serve the drinks to their dashing gents.

Drink Recipes:

Feel free to get creative! Casino Party Theme is all about showing off and throwing some of that money around. You don’t want to be just serving some basic jungle juice or a keg.. Get some class here! Whip out that costly stuff and show everyone what your really worth!

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