Colonial Bro and Nava-Hos Themed Party
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Colonial Bro and Nava-Hos Party Theme: Getting McNasty


College Party Themes are getting unusual as they tackle theme after theme. They would go for real-life situations like the Lawyer Bros and Prison Hoes Party or they can choose major history moments like a Greek Gods and Goddesses party. A Colonial Bros and NavaHos Party target the American History in particular.

However, there has been an issue because Frats and Sorority groups in a particular university were under disciplinary actions after being caught partying using this theme.

They were dealt with complaints about being racist and inconsiderate of the Navajo Nation. So, if you’re really going to push with this theme; you should be aware of the consequences you’d be in if the authorities find out about it.


I already warned you what would likely to happen if you opt for this party theme, but if you’re still interested then, Read on.

I suggest having a maximum number of 10 persons invited. Get an indoor area where not many people will pass by; this is to keep any gossipers from being curious to what you’re doing. For the decorations, you can put faux leather hides, crude knife tools (for ornamental purposes only), and woven rugs around the room.

You can add a 13-starred American Flag on the doorway with a few ship-in-a-bottles hanging on the walls. Be clever and resourceful in decorating the area like getting a bunch of broomsticks to look like miniature huts of the Navajos or you can make your own wooden fireplace if you’re really crafty. You can browse through the internet on what are the ways of living, their work and the kinds of homes used during their era.

Colonial Bro and Nava-Hos Costume Ideas:

The guys can sport a long wig and tie it with a ribbon at the back. Red long coats with sleeves up to their elbows, white knee socks, buckled shoes or boots and a tricorn hat is the perfect ensemble for a Colonial Bro. But if you can’t find this attire, then put on a white-long sleeved polo, tights pants, and knee-high boots (You know, the one Leonardo di Caprio wore in Titanic?)

If you are just looking to keep it simple, just try to think of costumes you seen during the Pirates of the Caribbean Movie.

A female Navajo is conservative so you should wear a dress and cover yourself with a blanket in bold patterns. Big and colorful necklaces are statement accessories for a Navajo woman. You can wear a matching top and skirt if a dress is not available. Sport a moccasin as footwear and bun your hairs too. Just put a little effort into it and you really can’t go too wrong.

Party Warning and Tips:

  • I would advise to keep the party to your friends only. It’s not fun when you’ve had the best night and then being called by the Chairman the next day for doing this and that.
  • Keep the night running with alcohol and mixed beverages.
  • Trivia games are good ice-breakers and if your guests are not into it because history lesson is not their thing, you can watch a movie which uses Colonial American era as its setting.

Drink Recipes:

This Party Theme is definitely meant for a rager, therefore; start spending some money and create some classic jungle juice or some type of jungle juice! Its always better to have more than less. If you are looking to get a little creative, just make some fancy mixers or something.

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