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Walk of Shame Party Theme: Its not all that bad!


What could possibly be bad about a nice summer morning? The fact that it’s the morning after an ill-advised bender where you hooked up with someone (whose face you can’t even recognize at the moment) at their place and are now in the unenviable position of having to clumsily plod around the unfamiliar room looking for your stuff as you pray to an angry God that everyone decided to sleep in that day… all the while sporting the worst hangover of your young life.

Welcome to the once classic walk, now infamous Walk of Shame Party Theme; the undeniable proof that karma is, in fact, real (and a bitch at that).

You’d be hard-pressed to find a party animal that does not have a good “morning after” story, and what better place to share them than at your very own offering to the Gods of one night stands, the Walk of Shame Party Theme!


Because it is well known that the walk of shame usually happens during the morning and that the poor walkers despise sunlight, it might be a good idea to hold this party indoors.

Being an uncommon theme, there aren’t really too many variants on the Walk of Shame party theme to speak of. Nevertheless, here are some pointers to get you going:

  • Décor: It is essential that the lighting be a harsh and unflattering fluorescent. You don’t want your guests slinking away in some dark corner; you want their soiled outfits to be showcased in the most cautionary manner possible.
  • Music: Down-on-your-luck songs should fit the mood nicely. Just make sure to include 10 second samples of nails down a chalkboard after each song to simulate a splitting headache.
  • Activities: Truth or Dare, where the “Truth” questions all have to do with one night stands past and the uncomfortable mornings that followed; the “Dares” are complicated field sobriety tests.
  • Costume Ideas:

    You’ve watched Sex and the City, right? No? Well, the female version of the costume for the walk of shame party theme was quite liberally depicted during the show’s run. Anyway, the basic gist is to look like you just slept in your clothes, so the more wrinkles and rips the better.

    Women can go the extra mile by partially smudging their makeup and teasing their hair out of style; not to mention holding their high heels in their hands. They can also wear oversized men’s t-shirts. Guys have the option of bed head and unbuttoned shirts over slightly stained pants or jeans (alcohol stains, nothing more sinister).

    Warnings and Tips:

    • Remember that this party is actually an ironic social statement glorifying casual sex by parodying its supposed consequences. Because no matter what you look like walking the Walk of Shame party theme, the simple truth of the matter is that you got laid the night before (even if you might not remember it). And that has to count for something.
    • Typical hangover foods are a good choice for the nourishment at this party. Examples include eggs, soups and crackers with honey (yes, you read right! Google does not lie).

    Party Drinks:

    Serve any kind of alcohol that you want, but label them as popular hangover cures and serve them out of transparent glass cups. Heck, you can just try to make sure everyone is gonna experience a hangover and try to get the whole party smashed!

    We recommend the classic keg or maybe some jungle juice with everclear! You really can’t go too wrong with this college party theme when you are having a good one!

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