College Paint Party
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Paint Party Theme: Be Prepared For The Paint


Get paint! Get messy! Get wild! Basically, the whole point is getting soak in paint from head-to-toe. You need gallons of paint to last for the whole party and of course, full participation is a must! It may be the simplest theme yet it’s going to be an expensive one so make sure you thoroughly planned the whole thing before the actual paint party starts.


There are two venues to be considered: Indoors or Outdoors. Personally, I would choose the outdoors as this requires less maintenance. A grassy, open area is preferred and I literally mean open with no houses across or besides the party area. There should be paint stations available around the vicinity and squirt guns can be provided. Keep the area table-and-chair-free to avoid any damages as this event requires people jumping up and down to the music or running around with gooey paint in their hands. In addition to the whole setup, a DJ is very much obligatory to keep the whole place pumping with party music.

However, if you want the party to be inside your house then prepare a plastic sheet that will cover the walls, floors, sofas or anything that must not be painted. This requires much work and certain preparations are made days before the party like asking your permission from your parents. Although your guests are going to be quite tamed compared to an outdoor party, but it’s still paint you are dealing with and so you are still going to end up getting messy.

Paint Party Costume Ideas:

All guests should wear a one-used white shirt. It’s going to be helluva party so rugged attire should be used. Its honestly that simple of a party. Just make sure you are prepared that your clothes will get ruined! Don’t bring that treasured shirt to this Paint it Party!

Party Warnings and Tips:

  • If you’re having the party outdoors, invite as many people as possible. This is a paint party! The more paint, the better is synonymous with the merrier, the better. Rest assured, it’s going to be a one-of-a-kind night.
  • Full Participation is required and so everyone should be covered with paint! If you find someone who is idly watching on the sidelines still wearing an unblemished shirt at 2 am, get together with your friends and plan a sneaky idea that that person ain’t going home without paint all over him.
  • I did mention that it’s going to be an expensive party because you’re going to buy lots and lots of paint plus you have to pay the DJ. To solve the problem, you can set up an entrance fee to cover up the money you spent. Besides, the guests won’t mind paying if you’re going to hold the best college party theme in town.
  • The food and drinks can be anything and people won’t even bother for anything fancy. They drink because they want to reenergize and continue the night. A cup of juice, a bottle of soda, and some chips will do. Even a little bit of alcohol such as the beer tower will propel the rambunctious night.


This party theme really isn’t one that you want to be carrying a open drink around, so that’ll take away any solo cups etc. With this in mind, you better pre-game the heck out of this with a keg or some jungle juice recipes!

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