white trash party theme

White Trash Party Theme: Celebrat Trailer Parks and Walmarts


Its the time of the year to celebrate the south, those fancy trailer parks and lets not forget those Wal-marts! Don’t you worry about getting trashy; its time to get those mullets out and grab a beer! White Trash Party is HERE!

The Setup:

Time to make that house you have into the trashiest trailer park you can think of! Boy oh boy, if you can still see your house behind your decorations, you didn’t bring enough crap to the party!

This is one of the best party themes as all the decorations are cheap. Hit up those junk stores, goodwill’s, thrift stores and even flea markets!

Seating wise, all you need is some crappy lawn chairs and old couches that you can pick up from garage sales. For stuff around the rooms, hang some socks, t-shirts, bras and even underwear on the walls.

To top off this white trash party theme, get some posters of swim suits and Nascar to bring it all together!

Food ideas:

White trash couldn’t be said better than having some cheap food along with some natty light. For this party theme, cheaper the food; the better! Serve some Cheese Whiz, crackers, spam, chips, dip, pork rinds and mini wieners. Heck, you can even throw some popcorn out if you really want. Essentially, get the cheapest food and drinks that you can find!

Music ideas:

This party theme is all about having the right kind of music. We suggest making a playlist that has a lot of country and maybe a little old school rock.

White Trash Costume Ideas:

Ideas for guys:

White Trash Party theme is really easy for guys to dress up as its so straight forward. Throw on a white beater t-shirt, some blue jeans and steel toe work boots.

If you have a crappy hat laying around too, that’ll just top it off! Depending if you are looking to stand out from the crowd, see if you can get a hold of a mullet and walk around with that on.

Ideas for Girls:

Girls also have it easy with this college party theme. If you are looking to get you creative side on, feel free to make your own clothes. Find the most underwear, sweatshirts, stained clothes, cowboy boots or hat, huge country belt buckles or even beer t-shirts or hats…

This is your time to pull out clothes from the pits of your closet! The trashier, the better!

Even stained shirts will work. Put lots of cheap makeup on, curl that hair and try to make it the biggest style you can. With all of this above, you surely will rock your next white trash party theme.

Party Warnings and Tips:

  1. Make sure you clear off a dance floor for your guests
  2. Lock everything up so nothing gets stolen
  3. Feel free to have a cover charge to cover extra costs
  4. Have fun and make sure everyone goes with your party theme

Party Drinks:

This party theme is best with a kegger or jungle juice. It really depends on how big of a party that you think will be showing up. As always though, when you add booze to any party; the more wild it will be!

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