stoplight party theme

Stoplight Party Theme: Are you taken, single or its just complicated?


Stoplight party theme makes it easier for everyone at the party see who is available, taken or has a complicated relationship all just from the color of their shirt!

No more guess work, just getting down to business at this college party theme!


This is a fairly straight forward party theme, requiring guests to simply show up with the color that corresponds to their relationship status. If you are single, or at the vest least looking for a relationship; you need to wear the color green.

If you are unsure or in a complicated relationship, you need to wear yellow and if you are in a relationship, just wear red.

Stoplight party theme is perfect for matching up to another party theme since its so simple. We suggest matching it up with a Black light Party Theme or check out our list of College Party Themes!

Costume Ideas:

You can change the colors and feature a different group of shirts for your guests to wear. Maybe your schools colors or going with a upcoming holiday of some sorts. Christmas is a easy one to incorporate too!

Warnings and Tips:

  • If one of your guests shows up and is colorblind.. They may be up for a rough time
  • Make sure you clear out a area for the majority of the party to be held along with locking up all valuables. Don’t let some asshole ruin your night!
  • You could charge for shirts at the door and charge money at the door

Party Drinks:

For this party theme, without a doubt; a keg and jungle juice would fit this party theme perfectly. Remember though, the more alcohol you serve, the crazier it’ll be! If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, just have it be BYOB(Bring your own booze) and it’ll still be one bumping party!

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