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Graffiti Party Theme: Your chance to get creative

Lets be real here, every once in a while we all have those mornings where we barely can remember the night along with who’ve we met. Heck, you may even wish you got that person’s number…

This is where you can look at that shirt and you may of gotten lucky! Cross those fingers and hopefully by the night is over, you’ll be hooked up with some numbers!

We introduce to you a college party theme that will solve all that problem; Graffiti party theme. This is one college party theme that is guaranteed fun and without a doubt, a memorable night for everyone including yourself.

The best part is waking up to finding what ended up being written from the night before. Give this party theme a try, your guests will thank you in the end!


So I’m sure you’re wondering, what exactly is a Graffiti party theme? Well… its actually a pretty simple college party theme involving just tagging a poster as you go in. Along with that, you can draw Graffiti on the walls…

The Setup:

This typical party theme is a little more laid back. You simply will put a poster board by the entrance of your party with lots of sharpies that are different colors. Each of your party goers who is attending will “tag” your board with graffiti as they go in.

Make sure you have a lot of different color sharpies on hand or you will end up with one pretty lame and boring poster board.

You will want to clear the majority of the party area out as this party can easily be paired up with having a big dance floor. Throw some loud grinding music in and I can guarantee you that everyone will be dancing up a storm! Just make sure you have any breakable items moved out.

Throughout your house or apartment, place big white sheets of paper or cloth sheets that allow for your guests to write on. You want them to be creative so let them have plenty of areas to write and “tag”. Who knows what you will get out of this, you might end up with some pretty sick creations!

Since this is a graffiti party, you might want to have some black lights in to provide more of a pop for both your decorations and your guests. If you plan on having black lights as we suggest, make sure you have hundreds of highlighters spread around your party area for your party goers to use. If you aren’t planning to use black lights, just have a variety of colored markers.

You also may want to suggest that your guests come in something that may get messy. This is a graffiti party after all and I’m sure people may end up “tagging” each other with their own version of graffiti. Lets be honest though, it’ll just be dicks and maybe a few signatures.

Your party goers will have fun either way though; the key to this college party theme is allowing your guests to get creative and having enough markers/highlighters on hand.

Costume Ideas:

Make sure your guests have something that can get written on or messy as it’ll be common that you might get some marker or highlighter on you. If you are planning on writing on each other, make sure you find a smooth fabric as rippled ones are extremely hard to write on.

If this has dancing, you will also want your guests to know that if they want to dance; they have to have some comfortable clothing!

Party Warnings and Tips:

  • We suggest clearing out any valuables that are present at your party as things will often get stolen. Lock any doors that you don’t want people in and make sure everything that is breakable is put away.
  • More alcohol that is served at your party, the crazier it will be!
  • The more creative you make this party, the better time your guests will have attending it!

Drink Ideas:

If you are going all out on this Graffiti party, you might as well provide some drinks to get your party really going! We suggest going with just the typical jungle-juice with some tonic water as it will actually glow under black lights. Its a really cool effect and we couldn’t suggest it more to impress your guests.

If you aren’t planning on using black lights, just make regular jungle juice and you’ll still have one memorable night.

Utah State University – Sigma Chi Graffiti Party

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