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Catholic School Party Theme: Breaking School Rules


The fact that you might be debating on throwing or going to a catholic school party theme will bring sins in itself. Just from the drinking you’ll be doing all night along with the sexual aspect of this college party theme; Don’t expect to go to heaven after this night!

The Setup:

You goal for this party theme is recreating the basics of a catholic school. We suggest having a desks and rulers on hands to have around the party. With these two things in mind, that will be the basis for your party from the education side of it.

Now you need to throw a little catholic school religion feeling into it. Find or make a few crosses and place them throughout your party area. If you have a area where a lot of people will be at, make sure you place some there too. Its a simple theme, so don’t put too much effort into the decorations.

Anyone who has attended or attends a Catholic school, whether that may of been in college, high school or even elementary; all will know that there is a “NOT ALLOWED” list of things that you must follow.

You are going to recreate these list of rules that will be based around your party and follow. Even though the Catholic school made the list to not be broken, your party goers will do their best to break every rule at hand!

For example, we suggest having a big poster board in your main party room titled: “THE RULES” and paste a sign next to it with a arrow saying “HOW MANY CAN YOU BREAK” Here are some examples of rules you can have at your party:

  • No grinding
  • No making out
  • Meter stick rule
  • and more..

Provide a area for a dance floor and without a doubt, these rules will be broken faster then you can think!

Costume Ideas:

This is where you till tie this whole party theme together! Hopefully the girls will be tearing out the classic naughty Catholic school girls outfits. With the girls dressing this sexy, rules will be breaking right and left at this catholic party.

Being a guy at this party theme will have a few different options. If you are willing to brave the heat, you can just go all out and throw on a Priest costume and tote along a Holy Bible.

You will be surprised by how much of a conversation starter this outfit is along with what may come from it.. Guys can also go classic church clothes with a sweater vest and khakis.

In all honesty, the girls of this party theme will be having the most fun. They’ll be rocking those short skirts and white button up shirts. With the ladies, you’ll quickly notice that the shorter the skirt; the better.

Throw on some knee-high socks and a sweater vest and guys will be all over.

Warnings and Tips:

  • Warning: This party theme can get out of control fast due to its sexyness..
  • Expect one heck of a night on the dance floor
  • Don’t let people in if they aren’t dressed up for party
  • Have one of the hosts dressed as a Nun to be on patrol to kick the party goers who are just too over the top from your party

Drink Ideas:

This is almost a given as what does every Catholic church have? The blood of Christ.. Bring out some red wine and or jungle juice to replicate “gods’ drink. If you want, have some bowls of wafers or a variety of crackers as you’ll also find those next to the communion wine!

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