cops and robbers party theme
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Cops and Robbers Party Theme: Time To Take Charge

Party Theme Description:

If you’re looking for a fun, adventurous and sexy party theme for your next big event, you need to consider the classic cops and robbers party theme. It’s hard to imagine this not being a great time.

With a little bit of extra planning, it can be even more fun! This is a great opportunity to mingle and meet new people, and maybe even to play with handcuffs.


The beauty of the cops and robbers party theme is that it can be used at almost any venue, and it’s completely scalable to the size of the party. Whether you are having a house party for your close friends, a larger party for the greek life community on your campus, or a full-scale catered event for your entire campus community, this party will be loads of fun for everybody involved!

Be sure to plan and advertise well in advance, especially if you are holding a larger event, so that everyone can plan to be there, and obtain a great costume.

If you have a dance floor, try to focus on blue and red lights, to simulate the light bar of a police car. Of course, the number one mandatory decor for any cops and robbers party is liberal use of crime scene tape, which should be easy to obtain. It’s an inexpensive, easy to obtain prop!

Your music selection should focus on police and fugitive themed songs; there’s no shortage of them in any musical genre! If you feel like bringing some realism to the theme, you may be able to get a real police cruiser to park in front of the party. (Of course, if you go this route, you’ll have to keep on top of things to make sure the driver doesn’t have to come inside.)

Costume Ideas:

If you are having a smaller gathering for your cops and robbers party theme, you may want to prescribe specific themes to specific people, or suggest that everyone bring a date dressed as the opposite side. (E.g. if you come dressed as a cop, bring a robber with you.) This will ensure that there is a mix of the two, and it is not just a “cops” party. For larger events, you should suggest this on your flyers and advertisements.

Costumes for both cops and robbers are common and easy to obtain from costume stores. Your “cops” will have plenty of choices, while your “robbers” should have no trouble obtaining a black and white striped or orange jumpsuit. Of course, as with most parties, you shouldn’t be afraid to steam things up a bit! There are plenty of “sexy cop” or “sexy robber” themed costumes available.

Party Warnings and Tips:

  • The most important thing to consider in planning your cops and robbers party theme is to make sure that the real cops don’t get involved!
  • Many of your attendees will be tempted to bring fake guns or batons to the party; just keep an eye out to ensure that there are no real weapons; you don’t want any of your cops to get out of hand in chasing down the robbers!


Almost any combination of drinks will suffice for your cops and robbers party theme; you may want to make an orange “prison punch” as your centerpiece, though! Or perhaps a blue “police punch?” If all else fails, the classic keg can go a long way and I’m sure no one else will complain!

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