Crush Party: Krush and Get Crushed

crush party theme

Description: Do you remember that senior high guy you’ve got a major crush on? Well, your fairy tale with him turns out to be a one-sided. Perhaps, he didn’t see the tactical moves or signs you’re showing off or worst, he probably isn’t interested in you. So now he’s living …

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Crayons Party: Show off those true colors

crayon party theme

Description: Another misconception of a Crayons party in college is that you’re going to a party with big bright flowers plastered on the walls with rainbow colored cupcakes and attractive looking party hats. You’re absolutely wrong! When we say college parties, it’s another new level of excitement, fun and mature …

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Anti-Prom Party Theme: The #WeHateProm squad!

anti-prom party theme

Description: If you think frilly dresses and heavy makeup are not your thing then why not propose an Anti-Prom party? Invite your sororities and fraternities in your colleges so you can divide your guests into pairs. Their partners should be the complete opposite and not their crushes or college sweethearts. …

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Presidents and Assholes Drinking Game: How to play P’s and A’s

presidents and assholes

Description: Are you looking for a game that multiple people can play? One that all you need is a deck of cards and some booze? Well, you’re in luck with this drinking game! Presidents and Assholes Drinking Game is all about getting drunk and having a good time. It may …

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