Im glad im not party theme

I’m Glad I’m Not Party Theme: Who do you not want to be?


This party theme is all based around something you don’t want to be! Its I’m glad I’m not ___ Party theme! Your guests will come dressed up as funny costumes or something that they are glad they are not!

You can be as creative as you like, in fact; the more creative you are the better! You and your guests will be laughing so much at the costumes that some people are going to show up as!

The Setup:

This party doesn’t require much set up other than making sure your guests know what they should be wearing to your college party!

In fact, this party theme would be perfect if you matched it up with our Black light Party Theme or one of our many party themes!

Costume Ideas:

For I’m glad I’m not party theme, its quite simple. You just will dress up as something that you or someone is glad they are not. For example, you just need to fill in the blank: I’m glad I’m not _______. We have compiled a list of costume ideas that you might want to give a shot:

  • Nerd
  • Obama
  • A Slut
  • *Insert best friend name*
  • An EX
  • ___ Sports Fan
  • A hawkeye or rival school’s fan
  • Frat boy
  • Sorority girl
  • And the list goes on.. Be creative!

Party warnings and tips:

  • Make sure you clear out your party area so no one breaks or steals anything.
  • If you have a bigger party, feel free to charge a cover charge if need be
  • The bigger the party, the more work it’ll be..
  • Make sure all your guest show up dressed up or the whole party theme is pointless

Drink Ideas:

Depending on how big your I’m glad I’m not party theme is, mixed drinks may be simple or you can always go with the classic keg/jungle juice if its going to be a big party. You could also just make it bring your own booze and leave it at that though.

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