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Apocalypse Party Theme: Celebrate Like Its Your Last Days


For some strange season, the whole world (and everyone in it) appears to be quite obsessed with celebrating the possibility of the complete breakdown of human society. Maybe it’s part of the natural progression for beings with our level of sentience to eventually examine our own destruction.

Or perhaps it has more to do with residual guilt over what we’ve done to the rest of the planet. Personally, I think that it has only one real purpose, which is to give us an excuse to cave in to our baser instincts; to go back to simpler times where eating, killing and procreating were all that mattered.

And the ideal theme for such an excuse is, of course, the Apocalypse Party Theme. From the Matrix to Mad Max; the Walking Dead to War of the Worlds; pick your favorite finale flavor and get ready to PARTY LIKE THERE’S NO TOMORROW!


As always, you’ll have to decide whether to make this an alfresco or indoor party. And as with most themes, it’s easier to decorate a hall or room as opposed to the great outdoors. However, the Apocalypse Party Theme would be enhanced quite a bit by the “survivalist” atmosphere of a campsite.

Since this is a costume based party, there aren’t really many variations to work with. But here are some things you should keep in mind:

  • Décor:
  • When people hear the word “Apocalypse”, they automatically add the zombie- prefix. So you may as well ride the Walking Dead hype-train and make this an unofficial Zombie apocalypse Party Theme. Specific decorations are a dime a dozen (if you rent them, anyway) at most party stores. And some radiation or nuclear alert posters would be nice too. You can top it off with some dim red light bulbs to really give the area a fallout-shelter feel.

  • Music:
  • Pretty much any song from any end-of-the-world flick will do quite nicely. Zombie sound tracks will also help the mood out.

  • Activities:
  • This one’s a toughie. If it’s an outdoor party, then a game of Zombie tag will be loads of fun, especially when the contestants are tipsy. If it’s indoors, you could always go for regular party games with an apocalyptic twist. I would recommend screening back-to-back zombie movies, preferably the funny ones like Shaun of the Dead or Zombieland, but that’s just me.

Costume Ideas:

Decide whether you want to go as the good guys or the bad guys and commit. Most people will end up in Zombie costumes (or some variation thereof), which is perfectly fine. I’d go for the punk biker look of the Mad Max universe myself. And no, you cannot go to the party as a Vampire, sparkly or otherwise!

Party Warnings and Tips:

  • Don’t get your guests too drunk, because you certainly don’t want to clean up “zombie guts” in the middle of a party, if you know what I mean.
  • The food should appear as Spartan as possible; in other words, nothing too fancy. Food out of a can would be very apropos. You could also get a brain-shaped cake; if for no other reason than to ensure that every single person makes the “BRAAAAAAAIIIIIIINNNNNSSSSS” impression as they grab a slice.

Party Drinks:

Again, keep the drinks as uncomplicated as possible. There will be no active mixologists in any given apocalyptic situation, I can guarantee you that. This is the right party to serve tequila shots, because nothing makes you feel like you survived the end of the world more than a resounding hangover the next day!

You can also just use a classic keg or go with Jungle Juice if you are trying to server a crowd. As always, alcohol will always be alcohol.

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