seven deadly sins party theme

Seven Deadly Sins Party Theme: Getting sexy at college


One of the most party themes, Seven Deadly sins is one to remember! This party can and is a blast both for the guests and the hosts as everyone will be dressed up as a sin.

Girls will obviously dress up quite slutty as its lust and envy. Guys finally have the excuse to show up a little lazy. Simply match up the sin and find a good costume!

The Setup:

Make sure everyone gets the heads up that this is a themed college party. Don’t let anyone ruin your seven deadly sins party and think they can show up without being in a costume. Isn’t that the whole point of having a party theme is to dress up?

7 Deadly Sins Costumes:

  • Lust: Ridicoulous exessive belief in one’s own abilities.
  • Dress up as that you think everyone wants you. Often you will find girls dressing up as this sin because you get to wear something that is sexy and flirt up a storm, maybe you’ll get numbers in the process.

  • Envy: Wanting other traits, situations, abilities that others have
  • You will want to dress up as you are someone else or take on traits of other people. You could even wear a shirt with someones name on it or have a sign saying “I’d do anything to be Bill Gates(Insert friends or idols name)”. If you are a couple, you can swap signs and have it be “I wish I was Stacie” and the girl can wear “I wish I was Rob”.

  • Wrath: You are very angry or vengeful
  • You will want to dress as if you were angry. For example, a devil, your ex…haha you get the idea. Feel free to get some punk ideas though and get some spikes out, all black, bad attitude etc.

  • Gluttony: Over-indulgence to the point of waste
  • You will want to dress up to the point where you look like you are fat. If you can pull together a fat suit or come with a suit with stains, the better your costume will be at seven deadly sins party theme. If you want to go the extra mile, dress up as someone who is fat and famous..

    Some people even suggest putting candy pinned to yourself and seeing if people will eat it off of you. You could also dress as a chef too.

  • Pride: craving for pleasures of the body
  • Dress up so you look and feel like you are full of yourself. Guys can go and be a bro with the sideways hats, slicked back hair and even throw on that pair of glasses. Girls can dress up like they are the best or wear something that makes them stand out.

    You could also simply dress as a lion. Sometimes people dress extremely patriotic, even wearing a American Flag Suit. Unless you’re looking to represent Gay Pride and if so, just dress FABULOUS..

  • Greed: The desire to possess more than one’s self needs.
  • Dress up as you have lots of money. You could dress up as CEO, a thief, a big wig.. Anything, the more creative you are; the better! Heck even a gangster such as Al Capone. We’ve even heard of people dressing up as Scrooge McDuck…But maybe that is before your time…

    You could also just wear as much bling as you can. Along with that, maybe a CEO running that next monopoly?

  • Sloth: Lazy, one who would avoid physical work.
  • This is a easy party theme. You simply will dress up lazy and just show up with whatever. Throw on those pajamas and slippers or just dress as a sloth as you can. The lazy people might even just forget their costume and show up & tell people that they are simply a “sloth”.

    If you’re really looking to complete the overall Seven Deadly Sins Costumes, just make sure you hangout on the couch and never get up. You can easily pull off this sloth costume with ease! If anyone asks, just say its all part of your costume.. Remember to whine and groan a bit too though to tie it all together.

Party Warnings and Tips:

  1. Make sure you clear out a area for all your guests for your seven deadly sins party theme
  2. If things get costly, charge a cover at the door to help pay for fees
  3. Feel free to put out some drinking games to keep your guests entertained or even a dance floor
  4. Have fun and make sure all your guests are having fun too

Party Drinks:

You can’t go wrong with the classic keg or jungle juice at seven deadly sins theme. Feel free to even throw some mixers out or use some dye to color a few drinks.

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