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Hawaiian Luau Party Theme: Get Tropical For That College Bash


Sitting on the beach, sipping that pina colada, roasted pig, and the calming ocean waves hitting the shore. A vacation that is unforgettable. Sounds like the life right? The bad part is though… You’re stuck in college on a boring Friday night.

What if you could bring these elements together and create a unforgettable college party theme? The Hawaiian Luau party theme is perfect for getting in with that tropical side. You might even be able to bring the beach to you.

The Setup:

First and foremost, you need to decide if this party will be based indoors or outdoors. Keep in mind when having it indoors, the cost of setting up will be much cheap then decorating the outdoors where you will be stuck trying to make a huge area feel like a paradise. Bigger is always better though..

Keeping Dry Indoors

Usually when people of a tropical paradise like Hawaii, they think of palm trees, ocean breezes, white sand beaches and sipping on that tropical drink.

As simple as it may be, we are just gonna focus on those aspects. You can easily incorporate palm trees into your party, just go stock up on decorations from your local party store. We suggest getting blow up tropical plants and place them throughout your house/apartment.

If you really want to go all out, place some rocks and fake coconuts around the base. You’ll be trying to make them all blend in. Coconuts are also easily supplied at party stores, or if you want to go the extra mile; buy real ones that your guests can enjoy.

This is really the topper to your indoor Luau party theme… Creating the fake beach. You can choose to skip this step or incorporate it; it’ll be one unforgettable college party if you do have the beach though.

If the space is large enough, you should build a sand pit. We’ve had great successes in basements creating it since you can essentially let the sand spread out without worry assuming the party is solely based down there. Make sure the pit stretches the whole wall and is big enough to be noticeable.

Finally, on the wall plaster on a ocean setting and throw some lawn chairs out.

To create that unforgettable luau experience, buy some fake bright tropical flowers from the party store, paper lanterns and finally, scatter some coconuts around the area. Change out all the lighting to yellow bulbs or try to block the lights with light paper.

Under The Stars: Outdoor Frat Hawaiian Luau Party Theme

We had a frat at my university set up one massive Luau party; they brought in 2 tons of sand to spread in their backyard and had tiki torches set up everyone creating one massive party atmosphere.

If you have a sand volleyball court, it can easily be transformed into that beach. One major plus to having a outdoor party is that you can actually lite your tiki torches and it’ll create a nice atmosphere in itself.

Incorporate some of the indoor features we mentioned above and it’ll hopefully be a rager that you won’t forget!

Costume Ideas:

Get out your Hawaiian shirts, hula skirts or anything tropical you can think off! If you are willing to buy coconut brassieres, go for it! This is your time to show off that body and have a great time.

On the invitation list, make sure they know what to wear or suggest what to wear. When people enter your party, have someone passing out lei’s to the guests as they arrive. If you can only afford so much, just pass them out to the ladies to complete your luau party theme.

Warnings and Tips:

  • Make sure your guests have a good time
  • The more that goes into it, the more fun everyone will have.
  • Make sure you put all valuables away. Don’t let stolen stuff ruin your party.
  • If you have any luau party theme music, make sure you play it for a little bit but don’t go too overboard. You don’t want the music turning down your party, you only want it to turn up!

Drink Ideas:

We suggest that you serve your drinks in anything that you can consider Hawaiian Luau party theme. For instant, coconut mugs that are either real or fake.

If you provide real ones, people can mix their drinks right in the coconuts! If it costs too much, just pick up some fake coconut mugs from a party store and they’ll work just fine. As always, the harder the drinks served; the crazier your party will be. Refer to our party drinks if you want ideas.

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