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Flashlight Party Theme: Don’t be afraid of the dark

A college party theme is essential to throwing any rager. The more creative with the party theme, the better. Throughout history, people have always been afraid of the dark.

So the best idea would be to just throw a themed party that involves exactly that; the dark. Add beams on light in and there you have it; the flashlight party.


Flashlight party is simply that, a flashlight party. You can compare this party theme to something that is the “end of the world” as your goal is to make the house completely dark. Do not let any light in besides the light that the flashlights are giving off. Like I said before, the darker the better. This is key to your flashlight party.

The Setup:

As with all the college party’s, you are going to want to remove everything and anything that you consider valuable. One thing that will ruin any party is having your stuff ruined or even stolen. Don’t risk it, get everything out of the way and under lock & key.

Even though the majority will have flashlights, you can’t expect them to not stumble into everything and anybody while in their drunken stupor. You will always have that one guy who is exactly that too.

Like we said before, you’re goal is to make it completely dark. Dark as possible since its key to this college themed party. Block off the windows with heavy sheets or garbage backs, even poster boards will work.

Since this is a flashlight party, you want to inform your guests that they should bring a small flashlight to shine throughout the party. We aren’t talking about something that will blind your guests, just small compact and portable. Make sure they know that they will be stuck holding this the whole night too, lighter the better.

The room now should be dark as possible, nearly hard to see. With it being this dark, you have endless possibilities to create some fantastic sights. Try to get some glow in the dark paint and start decorating the walls with hand prints, quotes, sayings and more.

This type of paint will “charge up” when light passes over it, thus making a cool effect as a beam of light passes over it. If you really want to step up the party, equip it with blacklight flashlights or even blacklights. This should create a rave type atmosphere that will make your college themed party irreplaceable and memorable!

Costume Ideas:

Since the atmosphere is so dark, feel free to encourage your guests to dress in dark risque clothing. Even though there will be beams of light bouncing off everywhere, it still will be hard to see in the midst of the flashlight party. They could also dress in lighter clothing to try to stand out a bit.

Warnings and Tips:

  • As always, make sure you have everything locked up. Getting your stuff stolen is one great way to ruin your party. Don’t let it happen.
  • Even though this may feel like one big rave, always remember that its not that kind of party. Keep the music to something that everyone can dance too and charge up the party. Refer to our college party playlists to find music to play.
  • If you want to make sure your party is going to be a success, buy in bulk mini flashlights on eBay for cheap. Everyone will have one them.
  • Also, glow in the dark bracelets and necklaces are a big hit too with flashlight parties.
  • If you want, pair this theme up with one of our other college party themes.

Drink Ideas:

You can decide if you would like to provide drinks or have the party goers just bring their own. If you are supplying drinks, you have endless possibility.

Feel free to make them as strong or weak as you want your party. Just keep in mind, stronger the drink, more chaotic the flashlight party may be. Refer to our mixed drinks recipes if you want more ideas.

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