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Music Genre Party Theme: Let The Music Guide You


Our life wouldn’t be complete without Music. It has its way of touching the very essence of our soul that you will feel emotional when you hear a melodramatic song or that can make you pump your fist in the air when your favorite beat comes up.

In that case, music puts life in what we do like for example, partying. A college party won’t be complete with out music to get people to dance in the floor.

What’s more amazing is that you can now hold a college party celebrating the different genre of music from soul, pop, rock, blues, rap, heavy metal and so on and so forth.


The good thing about a Music genre Party is that it can be held anywhere—indoors or outdoors. An indoor Music Genre Party would involve decorating the room with different band posters from the 70’s to the modern era to showcase how music transforms through the years.

Don’t forget to hang vinyl records on the wall and a jukebox would be a good bonus too. It really depends on the gentre you’re trying to shape your party around.

An outdoor music party is like a mini concert. Rent large speakers and play different songs. It’s enough to keep college parties rockin’. Feel free to make this into a dubstep like theme too, maybe like a mini “Tomorrowland”?

Music Genre Costume Ideas:

A Music Genre Party celebrates the assortment of music we’ve come up from generation to generation. Besides, music knows no bounds and so it’s strongly recommended that guests should dress up as their favorite musician or group band as long as they show a definite genre.

Here are some suggestions on what to wear for this kind of theme:

  • Rock/Heavy Metal: This music genre has hardcore people in their category. Put on bandannas and tattoos. That dude who bullied you during junior high, you can just copy his look and you’re going to be the badass male in this party.
  • Rap: Baggy pants + Bling2x are the essentials for being a rapper.
  • Pop: You know the outfit; grab one of those stylish dresses to look like Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift (btw, pop is her new genre).
  • Country: Keith Urban in the house! A loose shirt and blue jeans will make you an instant country singer. Wear a cowboy’s hat and bring your good ol’ guitar for additional points with the ladies.
  • Dubstep: This would bring the perfect “Tomorrowland” theme or possibly a rave environment. We’ve seen some great experience pairing this theme with a good old Paint Party too!

Party Warning and Tips:

  • During your planning session, you can assign a specific music genre to a group of visitors. This will permit the guests to play on their creative side and give rewards to people who really rock the night with their attire.
  • If you’re sticking for an indoor party and the space is limited, you can prepare other forms of entertainment like karaoke, guessing game or you can even do a riff-off like the ones they did in Pitch Perfect movie.
  • The drinks served can be sodas, juice, and alcohol. Set up a keg for an outdoor party.
  • You can be original on the foods by decorating them with icing guitars or you can label it like Cupcake Blues (whut?) or any names that you could think of is related to music.
  • This party can be held during the night or day. If night, just make sure you don’t wake the neighbors up.

Drink Recipes:

Its a bit hard trying to recommend drinks and recipes for this college party theme. Depending on your theme, I would tie the right drink with it.

For example: Country obviously would be best with beer or a keg, while most hard rock or rave type parties may be better with some Jungle Juice! Just try to get creative and have some fun, your guests will thank you later!

Send Us Your Pics:

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