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Tight and Bright Party Theme: Time To Rage


Let’s get real for a moment and admit that most people who attend parties in college aren’t looking for a sophisticated soirée. Deep (or not so deep) down what they really want (especially the guys), is to get aroused (or laid..) and buzzed in equal measure.

It’s basically a trip to the strip club where someone else foots the bill for your booze and chow.

College has even turned incredibly unsexy themes into slut-a-thons where people (especially the girls) are expected to reveal as much flesh as possible (I’m looking at you, Halloween Party). And the Tight and Bright Party is the perfect fulfillment of that basic college need.

The rules are self-evident; wear the tightest clothing that still allows you to breathe, in the gaudiest colors that will not instantly blind everyone around you. So throw subtlety out the window and get on with the show!


As with most party themes, the first and most important decision is the venue, more specifically whether the party is to take place indoors or outside.

My recommendation is to keep the Tight and Bright party under a roof, because while anyone that attends the party is clearly in the mood for revelry, it might be a bit much to unveil those tight clothes for the world to see (not counting the Internet, of course).

Since this is a costume based party, there aren’t really many variations to work with. But here are some things you should keep in mind:

  • Décor: You could go with the flow and keep the decorations as colorful as your invitees or you could be ironic and keep the adornments particularly understated. The advantage of the former is that the guests can have fun standing next to those decorations that clash horribly with their own costumes (making for interesting photographs) while the latter will make their costumes stand out even more. It’s your call, but don’t worry too much either way.
  • Music: I hate to feed the stereotype, but go for some rave music. Use music videos as a guide; if your guests could have been extras in the video, then that song is probably good for the party’s playlist. The more people that know the song, the better the atmosphere will be!
  • Activities: All you need is a bumping dance floor and people having a good time. Heck, maybe even a few area where group drinking games are being played.

Tight and Bright Costume Ideas:

Clothes may make the man, but costumes make this party. Almost everything else is secondary to the outfits this time around and you need to make that quite clear to the attendees.

Costume ideas are fairly easy; just find tight and bright clothing (duh!) waaay at the back of your closet that you swore you would never wear in a million years except for something like this. For those among you that dress understated as a rule, just buy some yellow spandex for the party. Oh, and don’t stuff or pad anything… people can tell, you know!

Less is more with this party theme, believe me!

Party Warnings and Tips:

  • Seeing as how your guests are going to be wearing rather uncomfortable clothing, you might lighten their load by having a locked drawer for them to keep their phones, wallets and other valuables for the duration of the party. At the very least, have a locked room to store valuables.
  • If you’re wearing tight clothing, it’s best not to go commando. Because FYI, wardrobe malfunctions don’t only happen to celebrities and models.
  • The food you serve is not nearly as important as the presentation. The more colorful the grub, the better. And if you can’t swing that, then just use cheerfully colorful cutlery.

Tight and Bright Party Drinks Recipes:

I wouldn’t usually endorse colourful cocktails at a college party because they can be a pain to make, but the Tight and Bright theme just begs for fruity and attractive drinks. Do yourself a solid and make batches of the stuff prior to the party itself, leaving only the garnish for the main event.

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