what would you do for a ticket monopoly party theme
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What Would You Do For A Ticket? – Monopoly Party Theme


This is one of the more unique party concepts that have been making the rounds. The idea is simple but brilliant; hand out tickets to your guests as they arrive and once the numbers are sufficient, ask them to offer those tickets to each other in exchange for “services”.

In a way, this party theme is actually like a game of monopoly. In fact, you could even use monopoly money to exchange.

They can negotiate the number of tickets or the exact nature of the tasks to their heart’s content, but the one with the most tickets at the end of the party is the winner (and a good prize will make the party more competitive).

The What Would You Do For A Ticket party gives your guests creative control over the activities and this pretty much ensures that they’ll do what they want to do and will probably have a good time doing it too. So bring your weird fantasies to life and leave your dignity behind because this will be one heck of a ride!


As is the case with most parties, you’ll have to first decide whether to throw this one inside or outdoors. Owing to the fact that this party theme is really light on the decorations, it doesn’t matter where you host it, so go with whatever’s convenient.

Just remember that should some unforeseen issues arise, it is usually easier to deal with them indoors. Monopoly Party Theme is perfect for the concept of this party theme: What would you do for a ticket?

Since this is a rather unique and specific concept for a party anyway, there aren’t many variations to work with. But here are some things you should keep in mind:

  • Décor:
  • Don’t do anything special as far as decoration goes. But you could get diabolically creative and leave certain “party favors” around, like giant foam fingers or hula hoops. This will give your guests interesting ideas for the tasks that will divest them of their tickets.

  • Music:
  • Play some pop songs as the filler and keep a microphone handy for tasks that involve public performances like singing or telling a naughty joke.

  • Activities:
  • There is little point in trying to host your own activities because that is supposed to be your invitees’ problem. If things aren’t picking up, however, feel free to make some suggestions like performing the field sobriety test or singing a Justin Bieber song… you get the idea, the more embarrassing the better.

    Party Costume Ideas:

    Wear whatever you want. This is not a costume party, it is a concept one. So feel free to wear your jammies if you want to, because it’s all about getting those tickets and the more comfy your clothing, the more physical the task you can perform!

    If anything, try to think of a costume that may gain you the most tickets. This theme is pretty scandalous, but may even be the best party theme ever!

    Party Warnings and Tips:

    • Guys will probably be using the tickets to try and hit on girls left and right. While this is all good fun in theory, sometimes they can get insistent and start to wear out their welcome. Should you notice that happening, don’t hesitate to step in and deftly diffuse the situation by reminding them that no means no.
    • Try to ensure that the tickets can’t be easily forged. While it is highly unlikely that anyone would actually go that far, you never know… alcohol gives people strange ideas sometimes.
    • The food you serve doesn’t really matter, but you might once again bust out your horns and pitchfork and include some obviously disgusting or unusual food as well. This will allow for food dares, and we all know how much fun those can be!
    • Combine this party theme concept with other parties if you are looking to create one great atmosphere. If anything, take a look at our ABC Party Theme. Boy, this could get sexy really, really fast.

    Party Drinks:

    Once again, go for the usual stuff (beer comes to mind), but also keep some disgusting alcohol choices around for the drinking dares. Just don’t blame me when your fiendish delight turns to abject horror as some of your guests overestimate themselves and blow chunks all over your party pad!

    Haha now that you have that image going through your head, you really can’t go too wrong with just having some classic jungle juice or a keg. If you’re looking for any other ideas, hit up our Drink Recipes and it may help you out a bit!

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