lucky freshman

Lucky Freshman Party Theme: Making the freshman’s year

This party theme is mainly for upperclassmen to host or someone with connections.


This is one of our favorites. Its really simple and there isn’t much to it. You simply will be highlighting a group of freshman for the night and showing them a good time. In essence, a welcome to college party for these randos you found.

You might think, “why would we bother doing that?” Well.. You were once a freshman and for many freshman, they are coming in with absolutely no connections, no party invites, no one to buy them alcohol. For this one night, they’ll be having the time of their life.

You’ll have a great time meeting all these new people and they’ll have a great time too. Who knows, maybe you’ll create some good friends in the process too. Give this party theme a shot and throw a lucky freshman party. Who knows, maybe some of these freshman will help you get lucky too.

The Setup:

This isn’t too hard. Its a fairly straight forward theme but it does has its obstacles. Personally, I would choose someone from your high school who is a freshman entering and throw him a invite along with his friends. Make sure you invite some of the girls too as you want to meet both girls and guys in the freshman class.

If you are just going to get a rando, that’s perfectly fine too! Go look in your old dorm or a friends dorm, dining halls, anywhere that freshman hangout and try to find anyone that seems chill that is up for a party. Ask them if they’ve met any girls and invite them too.

If they say no and you really want to throw them out there; bring them to the girls and introduce them. Followed by inviting the new girls they’ve met to the lucky freshman party theme.

If anyone asks whats this party about, throw them a punch and say, “its all about the freshman”. You’re there to show theme lucky freshman a party that they won’t forget!

Costume Ideas:

This party doesn’t really have a costume theme but it would be perfect to pair this college party theme with another theme since lucky freshman party theme is so simple. Check out our college party theme page for some ideas.

Warnings and Tips:

  • You might end up picking a weird freshman that you might not want to ever hangout with again. Pick wisely!
  • Freshman don’t have the drinking experience of a college student. WARNING: They may become shit shows fast!

Drink Ideas:

Anything is really good for this party. If you really want to be a good host, supply all the freshman with drinks and provide them with the best time possible. If you have kegs, maybe offer up a keg stand! This lucky freshman party is all about them.

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