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Cocktail Party Theme: Its Time For a Sophisticated Party


College parties tend to be hyper, rambunctious, and lots of alcohol involved. Some have a hard time fitting in these kinds of themes and would like to have a laid-back environment as a way of relaxation.

Hosting a cocktail party is super easy and you won’t have a hard time preparing all the needed decors in the room. This is the kind of party where elegance and sophistication is a must! It is classy and puts your guests on their best behavior. This is perfect for fraternity and sorority mixers.

If you’re looking to make this into a larger party, you may want to pair this up with another college party theme as this isn’t meant to host a ton of people. Unless you are looking to make it casual type of ordeal.


An indoor room that can accommodate round tables and chairs is a good place to hold a cocktail party. You should use only the colors black, white and red for the area. This theme follows the fancy restaurant setting wherein you had a romantic dinner with your date.

A vase of flowers especially red roses and scented candles at the center of each table are perfect additions for the evening. It is preferable if you dim the lights and use the candle glow for a dramatic effect on the room.

A subtle music should be played at the background; perhaps an 80 or 90’s beat or you can use instrumentals of your all-time favorite classic songs by Air Supply, The Carpenters, etc.

If you happen to have a lot of people, simply increase the number of tables and chairs. You can also make this a tail gating type event too if you get a little creative with tents, canopies etc.

Cocktail Party Costume Ideas:

Wear something formal and casual at the same time.

  • The gents can go for suits and long-sleeved shirts. A tie is optional. The shoes worn should be black and leather. Be sure you are well-groomed and neat when you arrived.
  • The ladies are expected to wear cocktail dresses, obviously. An elegant back dress and high heels is the best choice, but if you’re uncomfortable wearing heels then wear flats that are appropriate for the occasion. Keep your jewelries and makeup minimal. You can bun your hair or put on a ponytail for a simple yet elegant look.

Party Warnings and Tips:

  • A cocktail pay requires high-end foods and drinks that are found in fine restaurants. Signature cocktails, red and white wines, champagnes, martinis and margaritas in glass stem wares are excellent options to serve for your guests. Design your cocktails with maraschino cherries, slices of fresh fruits and a mixture of citrus and other fruits for an interesting and creative look on your drinks.
  • Avoid plates of food as cocktail parties are held after dinner. You don’t want your guests adjusting her zipper every once in a while because her dress is getting tight. Use cakes and some finger foods. Keep your food dessert-y like finishing the evening with chocolate-covered fruits for a sweet finale.
  • Cocktail parties are good agendas to socialize and mingle. As the host of the party, greet and meet with your guests. Give your visitors some social time with other people in their table. If you think they have not been introduced to each other, open the topic with a common ground they both know so that they can openly talk about it.
  • College cocktails parties are held during weekdays because everyone is busy working during the weekends or if you schedule it ahead of time with your friends; you can set a date during Friday and Saturday evenings for this occasion.

Drink Recipes:

This should be obvious, but with a Cocktail Party Theme; you should obviously be making cocktails. Your party shouldn’t have a keg or jungle juice as it’ll contradict the whole party theme all together.

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