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Foam Party Theme: Bubbles, Bubbles and More Bubbles


A foam party is one of the biggest and amazing party themes ever. One that every college student will remember assuming you have it setup right. It’s even twice as amazing when applied to a college party. The moment you step on the dance floor with about four feet of soap bubbles and suds—everything just stops and you’re stuck in the moment with partying all night. Just saying; it seems fun already. So what do you really need to get that Foam Party starting? You’d be surprise at how easily you can pull this off right at your very own college grounds.


The ideal foam party would be during the summer season and in a wide, spacious area. So if you plan on throwing this party theme during the school year, earlier is ideal before it gets cold. Outdoor foam parties also require less cost and it’s more fun, taking into account that there is large party space available. However, if you can’t find a venue for one then an indoor party can still be possible; just make sure you ask permission from anyone in-charge as this party might cause damages without proper preparations.

In an indoor party, you should cover the walls and floor with heavy-gauge plastic sheeting and to barricade the area; you can use folding tables and it should be covered as well. Because the foam will melt after some time, you should invest on non-slip rubbers or any used carpet pieces to prevent your guests from slipping.

You can rent Foam machines on any party retail stores or you can buy one on eBay. If you’re low on budget, you can make your own foam machine by using a children’s pool, water hose, clean plastic trash can, and lots of dishwashing soap. There are specific instructions on DIY foam machines that can be found on the internet. If you plan to go with the homemade route, always test your homemade machine ahead of time so you won’t experience epic fails during your party sessions.

Get your pumping music to jam up the dance floor or you can hire a DJ to play cool party music for you.

Foam Party Costume Ideas:

You can wear any outfit unless specified; just make sure you bring extras. Partying with wet pants will really mess up your night. If it’s during summer, you can ask your guests to wear swimsuits. Most will say for this party theme, less is more!

Party Warnings and Tips:

  • Make your guests aware of any risks and dangers that might happen at the party; post signage on electrical devices and take precautions.
  • You can provide towels to your guests after the party. Consider it as giving them souvenirs.
  • If your guests want to take a break from all that partying, you can setup a booth at the sides. It’s better if you use cans or sodas and keep your alcohol to a minimum. Remember, this is not a boozefest!
  • Aside from towels, you can also handout goggles and shower caps. Some guests don’t want to get soaked and goggles are handy equipment to keep foam from getting into your eyes.
  • Throw in disco lights everywhere and for a bit of artistry; you can provide buckets of paint too. Paint + Foam= It couldn’t get any better!

Drink Recipes:

Since having a Foam Party requires a lot of supplies, I’m pretty sure its safe to assume you’ll be needing a lot of booze and more, well booze. With that in mind, its time to create some Jungle Juice and have a few Kegs. The only way you can mess up this drinking section is by simply not having enough booze.

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