Barbarians and Librarians party theme
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Barbarians and Librarians Party Theme: Time To Get Sexy


Out of all the types of themed parties, this one is by far the best! There is nothing subtle about the difference here; the “barbarians,” with their uncivilized ways and high sex drives, and the “librarians,” with their sexy outfits, intellectual facades, and suppressed urges.

The merging of these two very different groups can only have one result; a long night of fun for everyone!


The setup for your Barbarians and Librarians party theme is simple! Think about the primitive “barbarian” societies that you have studied in school. How complex were their accommodations? Not very! There are two essentials for a Barbarians; attractive women and drinks!

And, of course, your librarians will be happy with their uncivilized barbarian men and drinks. With these two ideas in mind, Barbarians and Librarians Party Theme will easily be a success.

Dim the lights; if you have the proper venue, an outdoor party by firelight would be ideal! After all, the Vikings didn’t have modern fluorescent lighting. Not to mention, cleanup is always easier outside! You could also bring out those tiki torches and spread them around; assuming you host this outside.

Costume Ideas:

For Guys:

Gentlemen, you should probably stick with dressing as barbarians; if you try to pull off the “librarian” look in this context, it may not work out very well for you… If you’re really into it though, I won’t jundge! (haha)

Think Conan the Barbarian, or Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones; a cursory search for either of these characters will give you plenty of ideas. If you’re feeling courageous, go for the Tarzan look; it’s hard to go wrong with a loincloth! The ladies have more options with Barbarians and Librarians Party Theme.

For Girls:

Most will probably want to go the sexy librarian route (and can probably re-purpose an outfit that they already have for this purpose,) but some of the more adventurous will want to be the females of the barbarian tribe. A quick search for “female barbarian” will net plenty of sexy ideas!

It shouldn’t be too difficult to find a fur bikini. Of course, a costume contest for the baddest barbarian and the hottest librarian is mandatory! You can even make this a little sexy too, as always; less is more with any College Party Theme.

Warnings and Tips

  • Some of the best barbarian costumes involve various types of weapons; keep control of this!
  • I would suggest that you not allow any live steel weaponry into your party. Sharpened spears, axes and swords do not mix well with alcohol!
  • Costume weapons should be accepted, and perhaps even encouraged.
  • Real weapons should be prohibited, for safety reasons, as well as because they’re probably prohibited on your campus. You don’t want to be expelled over a good party!


Who’s the most famous group that you can think of? For me, it’s the vikings! What do vikings drink? Mead and ale! If you can score some, and it’s in your budget, mead would be the ideal theme drink for this party.

If not, the basics will suffice; an assortment of beer, and the usual mixed drinks. This Barbarians and Librarians Party Theme isn’t that hard. You just need to get creative.

A simple jungle juice or rum-based punch should keep the party going for everyone. bonus points if you can come up with a rustic, wooden or stone vessel to serve it in. Make sure there is plenty to go around; everyone knows that barbarians love their libations.

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