laywer bro and prison hoe party theme
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Lawyer Bros and Prison Hoes Party Theme


If a Murder themed party ends in finding who’s the culprit then a Lawyer Bros and Prison Hoes themed party ends in finding whose guilty for the crime.

It merges both formality and informality at once: It is formal because seems like an actual criminal case while it’s also informal because it’s going to be held in a party and not in court. The success of this theme depends greatly on the importance of wearing the proper costume for both parties.


Party ideas are gradually getting more realistic. What’s more fun is that these true-to-life scenarios are being applied to college parties! A Lawyer Bros and Prison Hoes themed party needs an indoor setting and there are two settings you can aim for. Read on.

  • Courtroom: Design the area to look like a courtroom and in addition; you can assign persons to act as the judge and his associates. Other decors would consist of a gavel, a stack of papers and a row of chairs for the audience.
  • Prison: Now if you don’t want to feel so overly formal about your party, then you can choose the Prison or Jail setting. You can fill the event space with jail-themed wall clingers to resemble actual prison cells.

    A setting like this doesn’t need a lot of ornamentals because only the characters are needed to set the place by default. Assign some of your guests to act as a jail warden or a security guard to show that the place is for hoes who needs to be badly locked up.

If all else fails, just get a large room that can fit your party and decorate the walls with fake metal bars, area that is the prisons etc. Half the fun of this theme is simply what you’ll be wearing; so if you can’t get the setup down, just get the costume side taken care of.

Lawyer Bros and Prison Hoes Costume Ideas:

The guys should wear their best lawyer attire. A suit and tie, slacks or pants, and glasses together with a faux leather briefcase can make you an important-looking lawyer.

The gals can alter the usual orange jumpsuit with a large P at the back worn by prisoners. They can go for skimpy prison wear like an orange crop top and mini shorts. You really can’t go too wrong, just throw on something orange and you’ll be good for this party theme! If you’re having trouble with that, obviously the classic black and white costumes will work too!

This party theme necessitates the presence of a handcuff. So if you select the prison cell setting, be sure to put some handy handcuffs in the place for these prison hoes. Besides, they should be bound and should serve punishment because of their (hmm…) sexy crimes.

Party Warning and Tips:

  • For entertainment purposes, you can ask your visitors ahead of time to find a partner. A lawyer should bring his corresponding prisoner to the party. Upon arriving, a security will handcuffed the prisoners; therefore they have no choice but to tag along with their lawyers.
  • You can serve alcohol drinks in cups. Avoid glasses because your prison hoes might have trouble holding their glasses. Furthermore, alcohol is a fine pick because this event calls for a celebration.
  • Since this is a party where both genders are present, you can set up games by pair or by group.
  • Prison cells are not served by buffets; you can provide a tray of food for the each pair (lawyer & prisoner).

Drink Recipes:

If you are planning on supplying drinks for your party, make sure you have something your Prison Hoes and Lawyer Bros can drink! For the Prisoners, simply serve them some lovely, classy jungle juice.

While for your Lawyer Bros, they should be served something more classy. At the very least, get them a keg of beer.

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