Around the World Party Theme
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Around the World Party theme: Traveling Without The Cost


This is a party I believe all college students need to experience! Around the World Party Theme! Some even call this the Disney/Epcot party theme due to all the different cultures that are found when you travel in Epcot.

Just wait till you see what your guests show up as, I’m sure you’ll be surprised!

The Setup:

Just like any college party, its simple enough. First and foremost, you will want to make sure that your guests experience as much as they can based on how big the party is. Depending on the size of where you are partying, this will greatly either improve or limit this party theme.

We suggest just going simple though and throwing up that great Merica flag and maybe a few banners from the dollar store. You honestly won’t have to do too much for this party theme as the guests will help change the atmosphere all together.

Costume Ideas:

Since everyone will be coming with their own costume and for the most part; it’ll be random.. You really won’t have a general theme.

If you are looking for success, we honestly suggest having people dress up and if you’re the host; make sure its well known that you expect people to be dressing up.

Since this is a Around the world party theme, you can essentially wear anything that another culture would wear.. Its a fun, straight forward party! Just try to get into it!

We have compiled a short list of costume ideas for this party;

  • Traditional Chineese Clothing
  • Something that your parents used to wear
  • Asian or whatever culture your from
  • Hawaiian Luau costume
  • And more!

Since this party theme is extremely broad, you will want to make sure that everyone dresses up as at least something! We’ve also heard people will combine party themes too.

Warnings and Tips:

  • Feel free to charge your guests to help pay for the booze, assuming you are having quite a few different drink varieties.
  • Participation is required. Don’t let people skimp out and ruin the party theme.
  • Even though this sounds like a ton of work, it can definitely pan out and be one amazing party theme

Drink Ideas:

This party theme is really unique as this can easily have a variety of alcohol. You could easily throw this party with a simply kegger or go all out and have unique drinks offered in each “country” or room depending on how you have it set up.

We suggest having many different types of drinks and going along with the college party theme. Don’t skimp out simply because this is sort of a expensive theme.

Your party goers will love trying all these different type of drinks from all over the world. If you are looking to be spendy, throw that hard liquor out; if you want to keep it cheap, head over to your local liquor store and bring a variety of beers over to your rager!

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