st. patrick's day party theme

St. Patrick’s Day Party Theme: Are you feeling the luck of the Irish?


As for most colleges, St. Patrick’s day is always associated with drinking and celebrating! Come the 17th of March, tons of students will be hitting up the bars and staying till they can’t walk no more!

If by chance you aren’t up for the bars or you simply can’t go, then try to take our ideas on how to throw one awesome St. Patrick’s day party theme! Throw your green on and celebrate the Irish!

The Setup:

This is a very straight forward party theme along with being quite simple.. All you need is green on green on green! That’s the key and nothing more for this college party theme! Thankfully, you should be able to find a lot of decorations that are cheap at the dollar store or if you really want; search online for stuff too.

The more you put into this party theme, the more you’ll get out of it. One thing for sure though is that chocolate coins and maybe a few bowls of lucky charms cereal. You can also swap out all the lights and replace them with green ones to complete the effect.

Party Theme Costume Ideas:

Green once again is the way to go! You really can’t go too wrong. Girls have it fairly easy though. All girls need to do is throw on something sexy and paint or use a temp tattoo of clovers on their face! Even though its a classic, its always cute.

Either guys or girls can even go the extra mile and throw on a button that says “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” and dress like a leprechaun with the green overcoat.

Guys don’t have to try too hard for this St. Patrick’s day party theme. All they need to do is pull out their green shirts and wear some green beads. If you can get a hold of a Leprechaun’s hat, you will be the talk of the party without a doubt!

Party warnings and tips:

  • Don’t let people come to your party without being dressed, they’ll just ruin your party theme
  • The more fun you can get your guests to have, the better!
  • Feel free to charge a cover if it’ll help you cover costs… You’re hosting the party and providing the location
  • If you plan on having a dance floor, make sure you clear out all the breakables and store away any valuables. Don’t let some asshole ruin your big party

Party Drinks:

Besides this party theme being all about green, its all about the drinking too! We have compiled a list of suggestions to use at your next St. Patrick’s day party:

  • Beer: you honestly can’t go wrong with the classic, get the keg out!
  • Jello Shots: Add some green food die and your set with St. Patrick’s day themed jello shots!
  • If you want to have a interesting twist, throw some Irish coffee out and maybe mix in a little bit of booze
  • Just chilling with a group of your friends? Just grab a few Natty Lights and you’ll be good to go

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