dial 911 baby party theme
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Dial 911 Baby Party Theme: Don’t Be Afraid To Call In Help


A 911 Dial Baby Party is far-fetched from a Doctors and Nurses Party because it engages on lots of alcohol and partying with no space for any formality. This is a party wherein guests dressed up as victims of emergency situations or reasons that you would have no second thoughts on dialing 911. Some can act as sufferers of a car accident or a survivor from a burning hotel. Whatever the situation is, you’re certainly going to be dancing to the tune of Sean Kingston’s “Somebody call 911, shawty’s fire burning on the dance floor, oh-oh.”


You can have this party anywhere on your college grounds: be it in indoors or outdoors. The decorations call for some 911 posters, Red Cross logos and newspaper clippings of emergencies and accidents.

You can also use the emergency room setting in the hospital; just use a rolling cart as a gurney and put a white sheet over it. You can put a dummy on a wheelchair and hang a dextrose bag on a stand beside it. The same decors apply for an outdoor party. Moreover, get a party music to fill your dance floor.

Dial 911 Baby Costume Ideas:

You have two options to choose from, you can be:

  • The receiver of the call or the one who called. As the receiver, you can dress up as the fireman or policeman willing to face any kinds of emergency. You can wear office attire with the number 911 on the cap or you can be a nurse bringing a first-aid kit or a doctor with a stethoscope.
  • You can also act as the victim who has a fractured elbow because of falling from the stairs, the one who is in pajamas after waking up from a thievery or the one who has blood covering his shirt because he’s been hit by a bullet. Whatever is your attire, make sure it’s 911-emergency appropriate. Just don’t overdo on the makeup or props like putting a fake knife over your head or bringing a beheaded neck; it’s not a Halloween party you’re going to.
  • Feel free to not let anyone in without a costume. Costume parties are meant for people to wear costumes, not just their everyday clothes.

Party Warnings and Tips:

  • A dial 911 baby themed party is heavy on the booze. It’s partying with alcohol but don’t get it to the point that you’re going to dial 911 because you have a friend who got intoxicated from drinking too much hard liquor. You don’t want to be interrogated afterwards by these actual professionals.
  • Choose finger foods for your menu. Chips and chicken wings will do because these parties are held after dinner. You don’t want your guests to be hunching down on their plates because you prepared heavy meals. College parties are known for all-night partying side and alcohol is the life of the party.
  • You can throw in some games here and there like Paint me a Picture, dial 911 simulation wherein you’re guests are pretending to call 911, and a photo booth to take pictures of the different dilemmas or situation your guests are in.

Drink Recipes:

You really can use anything for this party theme, just try to get creative. We’ve only heard of people using kegs or jungle juice and renaming the juice to “Blood Juice” to represent something going wrong, thus “Dial 911 Baby”.

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