King Tuts and Egyptian Sluts Party Theme
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King Tuts and Egyptian Sluts Party Theme: Time To Party Like a King


Ancient Egypt was a magical place, wasn’t it? Architectural wonders that still mystify the engineering community millennium after their construction. It also boasts a culture that weds the best of North Africa with West Asia. And who can forget Egypt’s most important contribution to the modern era…Mummies.

All jokes aside, the extremely catchy (if somewhat sexist) party theme of King Tuts and Egyptian Sluts Party Theme will certainly make for an exotic and sensual event. So prepare to be dazzled (maybe even blinded) by this amazing opportunity to do it like the Pharaohs did; in exceedingly golden splendor!


As with most party setups, the first decision that must be made (after the theme, of course) is the choice of venue, or more broadly, whether the party will take place outdoors or indoors.

My suggestion for the King Tuts and Egyptian Sluts party theme is to do so indoors, because the costumes don’t really offer much protection from the elements, if you know what I mean. There aren’t too many variations on this rather specific theme so here are some tips to help you along regardless:

  • Décor: The primary color scheme should be black and gold for King Tuts and Egyptian Sluts Party Theme. Try to build yourself some miniature Styrofoam or cardboard pyramids (or even a sphinx if you’re up to it). Egyptian hieroglyphs on the walls would add quite nicely to the ambience as well.
  • Music: Just pull up the OSTs of any TV show or movie based in Ancient Egypt. HBO’s Rome and the Mummy movies come to mind. Curiously enough, so do the background tracks from the early Assassin’s Creed videogames. Go figure.
  • Activities: Form an Egyptian themed Conga-line, where the links have to do the Sand Dance instead. If the party goers are more sedentary than that, then maybe screening the Mummy movies might do the trick.

Costume Ideas:

Get ready for the largest collection of fake gold and jewelry you’ve ever seen. For this theme, you simply cannot load yourself with enough gold. In fact, fabric is actually an afterthought; you might just do a Princess Leia and sport a golden bikini. Guys can take tips from Stargate SG-1. The one thing to remember when dressing up for this party is that the gaudier the better.

As always though, remember to keep it sexy!! College party themes always seem more fun when less is more.. if you catch my drift!

Party Warnings and Tips:

  • Take lots of pictures and post them online for all the Internet perverts to gawk at. It’ll be your good deed for the year.
  • Ancient Egyptian food might not be for everyone, but here are some general guidelines. Procure some beef and lamb meat for the carnivores among your guests. Dates and figs would be authentic, but maybe you should settle for Fig Newtons instead.
  • You really can’t go too wrong hosting an King Tuts and Egyptian Sluts Party Theme, but you may want to consider teaming it up with another party theme too as it can only get better.


Ancient Egypt was no stranger to alcohol. It was considered both a recreational drink and a religious one, consumed by the rich and poor alike. Wine and Beer were the drinks of choice at the time, so it makes perfect sense to emulate those choices for your own party. Don’t serve them in bottles or cans, however, as that wouldn’t be like the Egyptians would..

If you’re looking to keep this King Tuts and Egyptian Sluts Party Theme simple, I would just use a keg and maybe make some kings blood (jungle juice). With that in mind, it should hold the party off for the night!

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