paint your date party
Delta Gamma Paint Your Date part at LSU (Louisiana State University)

Paint Your Date Party Theme: Get crazy and throw some paint


This is more of a “date party” but a unforgettable one at that! If you can find enough friends willing to bring someone with them, you will have one pumping party!

With everyone wearing all white, gallons of paint ready to fly, this party theme is one that will leave you breaking the touch barrier and getting closer with your other as you paint your date!

The Setup:

You could do a few different ways with this party. It could be something you do during the day or you could make a night out of it.

Beware though, this is one messy party and you’ll need to prepare the whole party area unless you don’t care that you’ll be ruining it.

First, make sure you have everything covered in a layer of plastic sheeting. This means everything! The walls, the floor, the tables, door handles and more..

Don’t let the paint get on anything you don’t want it on. If anything, we suggest you completely clear out the room you are having this inside as this paint your date party will get wild!

If you are looking for a way easier and simpler idea; just host the paint your date party outside. This will solve a ton of problems and you don’t need to worry about all the clean up.

Simply let the rain wash everything away and keep everyone on the grass!

You need to have one station or many stations set up where your guests can grab handfuls of paint to paint their date. The more paint, the better!

We’re talking gallons here, don’t skimp out as this is the whole party theme. You can even fill squirt guns and run around tagging people with paint if you want.

You could add a twist to this college party theme by adding black lights and using only bright colored paints. This will add a funky glow to everyone’s paint covered dates. Might be easier said then done but if you can manage it, give it a try!

As always, a classic dance floor with a pumping DJ is always advised. It can and will only benefit the paint your date party theme.

Party theme costume ideas:

Make sure you tell your guests to bring only white clothes and clothes that they don’t mind getting wrecked. Paint will be flying at this party and everyone will definitely be a mess.

Warnings and Tips:

  • If this college party theme is held indoors, make sure everything and I mean everything is covered. This is one messy party and don’t let things get ruined.
  • Don’t let people without dates come to the party, this type of college party is perfect for “dates”. Not singles.
  • If you can’t find a “date”, simply ask a friend if they are willing to go. Only ask people who are willing to have fun and a good time!!
  • We suggest charging your guests to help cover for costs. It can be really cheap and if you buy enough in bulk, it shouldn’t be too bad. Heck, you might even profit on this college party theme.

Drink Ideas:

If this is a bigger type of paint your date party, just go with the typical jungle juice and or a keg. Easy to serve to a lot of people and you can even charge them for a cup.

If you’re going down the path of individual drinks, make sure you serve things bright as possible to go with your paint theme. The more colorful and brighter, the better.

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