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Wild West Party Theme: Getting close with your country side


Some may say this is the perfect hick college party theme; some may not even have to dress up and its perfect for all the true farmers out there. If you’re up to becoming a cowboy or cowgirl, then this Wild West college party theme is definitely for you!

The Setup:

This theme is all based around one mood and theme; The Wild West. This theme requires decorations and with that, you will need to bring out that desert plant life for this college party theme. We’re not saying you should bring in real cactus’s as everyone being drunk and around cactus’s will lead to nothing but a disaster.

You should be able to pick up many fake cactus’s and or wall clings that feature the dangerous aspects of the plant from many party stores and or at a online-store.

You can’t just go with the stereotypical cactus, you need to go all out on this Wild west party theme. In the wild west, you will find lots of different color cactus plants that should also be included.

If you really want to wow your party goers, include some old steer skulls and wagon wheels. Without a doubt, it will create one memorable event.

Time for the farm side of this Wild West Party! You will want to pick up some hay bales and place then around your party. These can double both as decorations and extra seating at your Wild West Party.

Hopefully you have a friend who can play a acoustic guitar as it would be perfect for this college party theme. Imagine, a group of friends just chilling and singing along to some country songs.

If you want to add a little twist to this college party theme; find a cut out where people can put their head in and take pictures as “true cowboys or cowgirls”. Go all out, be creative.

Costume Ideas:

This really isn’t too hard. For guys, go simple with blue jeans, plaid button up shirt, some fancy cowboy boots and finally a cowboy hat. These will make up the majority of the typical wild west party themes for the guys.

If you really want to stand out though and be the badass of the party, be the “outlaw” or “gunman” of the party. Bring in pistol belts and plastic pistols that resemble anything close to the wild west. Heck, maybe even that toy rifle looks good too. Throw on a bandanna to top the whole wild west outfit together!

The women of this Wild West party theme can really match their personality up with their dresses or costumes. They can either go all out cowgirl with the knee high boots or go down the rodeo path with a lasso. If you’re just looking to go a cheap route, just throw on a plaid shirt and tie it off on the side.

Warnings and Tips:

  • Make sure you go all out here! The more you’re into it, the better of time you will have!
  • If you’re hosting the party, make sure you have all your valuables put aside as you don’t want someone ruining your party simply because you left stuff out.
  • If you provide drinks, make sure you have enough to supply the party. As always, the stronger the drink; the more wilder the party.

Drinks Ideas:

We suggest drinks that are more old as you should be trying to replicate an old wild west party. With that in mind, go with some whiskey, kegs of beer, bourbon or check out the recipe of Mule Skinner.

If this is more of a group party, stick with the typical keg as that’ll suite more people at your wild west party!

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