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New Years eve party theme: Starting the new year off right

With a new year coming, its best to start it off right! Don’t get stuck just sitting around waiting for the clock to tick down, throw a New Years Eve party theme and have one unforgivable night with your friends and party goers! Its like hitting the reset button with the start of the New year! Go wild and get crazy!


The great things about this college party theme is that it has virtually endless ideas. You can basically do anything, long as you have a good time. Don’t give any of your guests time to sit back and relax at your New Years eve party theme. Keep them hopping and moving around.

Your goal for this party theme is to create a unforgivable night along with starting the year off right! This includes both for you and your party guests as you want this to be something that will be talked about for months to come! Throw the best New Years Eve party theme ever!!

The Setup:

While some enjoy spending their New Years eve night watching TV and seeing the dropping ball, others are looking for something that is a little more memorable. Don’t have a lame party where everyone is just sitting around on the couch watching the ball fall.. Have them start the night off right!

This year, you will throw a party that rings in the New Year with a unforgettable night at home. A themed party that both you and your friends will enjoy for years to come!

We first suggest clearing out the areas where you think the main party will be going on. Don’t let your party goers even get the chance to break something or go somewhere that you don’t want them.

If you are planning on having a big party; we suggest having a dance floor and creating a dark atmosphere. That means blacking out the windows, decorating the walls and having it almost pitch dark.

Feel free to hand out glow in the dark necklaces and bracelets! You want this to be like a sea of glowing people with this new years eve party theme.

You want to create something that will make your guests feel like they are ending the year off with a bang! If you are looking to spend money on any party, this is one that everyone will appreciate the money spent. Hire that DJ, bring in those expensive lights, buy that really nice booze!

This party theme can be combined with any other college party theme. Don’t be narrow minded and not expand to other parties as essentially any party theme can be thrown in here or combined to form something even better! Refer to our college party themes list for more college party ideas.

Costume Ideas:

Since this is sort of like a dance party, wear something that you are conformable dancing it or being around a ton of people in. We suggest bright colors and or all black clothing. You can even dress up if you want, the more crazy your guests are; the better time everyone will have!

Warnings and Tips:

  • Don’t leave any valuables out and have it ruin your party because someone stole something. Keep all the rooms you don’t want people in under lock and key.
  • Charge a fee for your party guests to help pay for the alcohol, food etc
  • Don’t let your guests sit, keep it all going.. If they have time to relax, your party simply isn’t popping enough!

Drink Ideas:

Since this is a large scale party, we suggest having alcohol that can serve many. You always can go with the classic keg or jungle juice; if you want to go all out, serve mixed drinks. These drinks really depend if you want to supply for your party or just have them bring their own booze.

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