holi festival party theme

Color Fest Party Theme: Quite Possibly the Most Colorful Party


Sometimes this is called a Holi Festival, but since its not as well known.. We’ve created the Color Fest. Color fest is essentially like the Color Run but

Theme Setup:

If your party theme is on a budget, this one is fairly cheap and easy to set up. Color Fest also only has a few requirements to throw it which are: The Party should be outdoors, should start around spring, and all guests just need to make sure that they are wearing clothes that they are fine with getting dyed.

  • Colored Powder: Simply purchase this online or at a local world market. Chances are they might have it but you will most likely get it cheaper online (Note: People will take this powder and throw it around). You can also use food dyes, scented oils in which will add color and fragrances to water.
  • Squirt Guns: Having squirt guns that are filled with dye can really make this party theme fun. Your best bet is to encourage your guests to bring any squirt guns that have or go out and buy some cheap ones.

Another Element you may want to have at your Color Fest Party theme is fire. To supply this is fairly simple though. All you need to do is just give people a place to sit down and relax by just having a fire put with seating or even better, a chiminea/fire place.

Costume ideas:

For this party theme, being cheap if your friend. You want to bring only white clothes that you are fine with getting wrecked. You also might want to bring a bandanna to cover your mouth so you don’t breath too much powder in.

Warnings and tips:

  • This party theme can sometimes cause problems due to all the dust, make sure your guests know that this isn’t a allergy friendly party..
  • If you can blast music, create a dance area where people can get thrown with the powder and be hit with colored water. This will keep the party a little more organized.
  • If you need to charge a cover to help with the cost, by all means do so.. No one will complain over $5-10 entry fee for this party theme!
  • Most important, have fun. Get into it, don’t just be a outsider at this Holi Festival Party Theme. Its built to have fun so take another shot and get out there!


The best drinks for Holi are those that can be chugged down quickly along with the most colorful drinks or ones that protect your drink from the powder. These would include:

  • Shots
  • Beer Bong
  • Camel Baks
  • Sippy Cups
  • And More…

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