rags to riches party theme

Rags to Riches Party Theme: Let your hobo side shine


Rags to Riches party theme is all about dressing as crappy as you can or as fancy and rich as you can. Your goal is to bring the crappiest clothes or the nicest.. No in between!

Along with that, you can also pull out that crappy beer and as the night goes on; transition into that expensive side of your collection! Heck, you most likely won’t even know the difference!

The Setup:

First, the party will be found outside with everyone drinking some cheap beer. Rags to riches party theme usually has a keg or people bring beer like Bush or Keystone. Everyone isn’t allowed to go inside until they finish all the beer or the keg!

In the house, you will find all the expensive stuff such as beer, wine, mixers and more! Don’t go cheap here, whip out the stuff you’ve been saving!

Party Theme Costume Ideas:

  • Rags that are laying around your house
  • Old shirts with stains or holes
  • Goodwill or salvation army clothes
  • And more, be creative!

Party warnings and tips:

  1. Make sure you clear a area for the party or things might get broken
  2. Move all your valuables to a locked room so no one steals anything
  3. If you are supplying the drinks, make there be a cover charge at the door to help pay for everything
  4. If your guests aren’t dressed up in par to the theme, you shouldn’t let them in and ruin it for everyone else!

Party Drinks:

Rags to riches party theme is perfect for jungle juice or a keg while you are outside. As you step inside the house though, don’t slack out! Make sure you bring out the expensive liquor and have one good night!

Mixers, whine, and more would be perfect for this party theme. Check out our drink recipes for a better idea on what to serve!

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