blackout or get out party theme
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Blackout or Get Out Party Theme: Guaranteed Drunk Fest

Lets be real, college is all about just getting you messed up and hopefully enjoying the life in the process. I for one have spent enough time getting messed up and learning my limits but this party is the opposite of that: Pushing those limits!

This will let the true partiers shine while the every once in a while drinkers timber. If you aren’t getting messed up, you simply aren’t drinking!


Have you ever been to a party where you felt it was really lame? One where you wanted to simply just get up, leave and call it a night? Don’t expect that out of this party.

You’ll be lucky to simply remember the night. Everyone and I mean everyone, will get smashed at this college party theme. This party is for the college students who can’t help but continually drinking till their body can’t handle it! We present to you, Blackout or get out party theme.

Like we said before, its a simply college party theme. Essentially, alcohol on alcohol on alcohol. When you enter the party, you will be required to shotgun 5 beers back to back or whip right through 5 shots of 151 rum(or any other hard alcohol of your choice).

Depending if you can still feel, you are required to follow those with another 2 beers or 2 more shots. If you’re a lightweight, don’t come expecting that you will remember much of your night.. This night is all about blackout or get out.

Note: Don’t invite people who will get in a drunken fight.

The Setup:

One of the great benefits of this party theme though is how simple it really is. Heck, you don’t need to do much to even get ready considering everyone will be too smashed to see all the decorations.

First, keep in mind that when your party goers first enter your college party, they’ll be throwing down 5 shots or beers almost instantly as they walk in. After about 10, 15 minutes; your party goers will be feeling it! Heck, they may be holding on to anything that will prop them up! Perfect moment for breaking all sorts of things.

First things first, move all the valuables out of the room or anything that may hurt your party goers as they stumble about your party. Anything that is value to you tonight is best to have it tucked away.

If you don’t want people in certain rooms, lock them up. As you don’t know where people may crash, lets be real here; this is blackout or get out party theme.

This party does have some fun aspects to it though. Lets just say it will really test the alcohol limits of many. Without a doubt, you’ll have that one college student who shows up thinking they can take whatever without worry.

Just watch as many of these individuals start falling one by one as they find out their stomachs are smarter then their brains. If you are trying to be smart about this party theme, just make sure you host it in a place where you can clean up after as things WILL get messy.

Costume Ideas:

I’m sure you’re thinking; what do I wear? For this party, you really shouldn’t worry about it. Do you really think your fellow party goers will actually be able to see it? But here are a few ideas to get you by:

  • Wear something that you can easily walk in.
  • Leave anything at home that you think you might loose(this includes cell phones and your wallet).
  • And finally, wear something that you can pass out it. There’s a good change you won’t be remembering much of the night.

Warnings and Tips:

Blackout or get out party theme actually requires a lot of attention. Things can and will quickly go wrong without watching over your guests.

  • Watch your guests, put sober friends in charge of watching the party.
  • Have areas ready for when your guests start having troubles with all the alcohol…You might want to line the bathrooms with plastic. Be prepared for anything.
  • Buckets on hand will be helpful
  • If things start getting out of hand and beyond your control, stop the party.

Drink Ideas:

With Blackout or get out party theme; you essentially can bring anything. It doesn’t matter. We suggest kegs, some decent booze to start with followed by crappy, cheap booze as at that point you won’t even be able to taste it. The more, the better. This party is about getting messed up and having a good time with your friends.

If you want to make it more of a cheaper party, make all your guests BYOB(Bring your own booze) and then split it up at the door.

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