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Pajama Party Theme: Simple Yet Sexy College Party Theme


Arguably one of the best college party themes out there because you can’t really go wrong being dressed in every day clothes. There is nothing comparable to a pajama party as everyone will be wearing conformable and sexy outfits. Heck, even Hugh Hefner is rocking the pajama party.

Think about it, the multimillionaire dollar creator of Playboy is having a pajama party, so why wouldn’t you want too? You can be the start of this new party style at your college.

Usually everyone thinks of the typical middle school party, a dumb night where you all just hangout and game. In college, you can bring this college party to a whole new level.

Think about it; this could potentially be the sexiest party that you’ll ever go to or throw in your life. You can even have this theme paired up with out themes to create one unforgivable night. Guests showing up in sexy attire and getting it on; college party style.

The Setup:

There is one essential thing to any pajama party theme; the pillows. That’s essentially all you need to worry about. Clear out one big room and just lay out as much sleeping bags and blankets as you can.

Even though everyone may not end up sleeping, it just sorta sets the mood for the whole party theme. You can even put pajama outfits and other decorations on the walls.

We suggest having alcohol as well, everything is more fun with alcohol. Depending on how you want your pajama party theme though, you could sort of have it as a throw back to the younger days where you didn’t have much or you were stuck drinking mikes hard and other low alcohol content drinks.

Heck, maybe you could even provide super sweet girly drinks.. Even though many won’t admit it; even when they may be girly, they still are pretty good.

Or you could just go ham and go all out on the alcohol.. Crazier the party, the more fun the party is. Whatever drink you decide on offering, just make sure it sticks with the theme.

The more that your guests get into it, the better this pajama party theme will be. If you want to blow up this theme even more, pair this up with one of our other college party themes!

Costume Ideas:

Honestly, this party theme basically explains itself. Go find some of your favorite onesies and sexy attire. Simply as it sounds, its just that; one sexy pajama party theme.

Guys have quite a few options to choose from though depending how much they are willing to get into it. They could just go with that comfortable onesie or flannel pajama pants.

Heck, if they truly want to make a impression; just go full on boxers. This pajama party theme has the idea that less is more, so essentially; the less you have or try.. the better impression you may make. Unless you find that classic Barney onesie.

You could take this party theme a whole different direction though and go with the Hugh Hefner style and trot around with a long bathrobe.

Just like guys, girls can take the style differently and to completely higher levels. Girls can actually keep the pajama party fairly tame or they could go super sexy. Sexy night-gowns, heck even guys boxers and a tight t-shirt is often popular. If they really want, they could just throw on some spandex and a men’s dress shirt.

If you are that girl; essentially wear nothing.. have fun! You can go so many different ways with this pajama party theme.

Warnings and Tips:

  • If you can’t get everyone to participate; don’t even bother with this party. Getting everyone to dress up couldn’t be more key.
  • Have spare outfits in case of losers showing up without anything. If they won’t wear it, kick them out.
  • The more pillows, the better! Try to cover a room with just pillows, who knows what might go down… Hint hint
  • As always, make sure everything is hidden away.. Don’t let things get stolen; one easy way to ruin your pajama party theme.

Drink Ideas:

Honestly, you could go so many different ways for drinks at this Pajama party theme. Just keep it with the theme; we suggest hot chocolate, adult chocolate milk or even girly drinks. Maybe even jungle juice.

SDSU Pajama Jam Party Theme example:

We are pretty impressed with this set up; guaranteed one crazy night.

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