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Dance Club Party Theme: Making Your Party Just The Club


Depending on how you go about college; it could be all about the party lifestyle. Weekdays you study, weekends you party. You quickly find out what parties are social and what parties are all about the dancing.

This college party is all about that; getting down and dancing. You could even make this a VIP party with invite only lists. Its really up to you. You can turn this party into so many different mini party themes; just get creative with it. Long as the night is memorable, you’ll have one successful college dance party theme.

The Setup:

With this college dance party theme, you could go two different ways with this theme; either keeping it VIP or allowing anyone and everyone to come to your bumping college party. Either way though, it’ll be one bumping party.

Invite Only Dance club:

If you really want to wow your guests, start with a amazing entrance. You could fabricate a red carpet for your guests to go by. Heck, even hang a sigh by the door of your house with your ” dance club name” and throw a “invite only” sigh by the door.

We suggest having one of your “bigger” friends at the door to keep the randoms out of your party and make sure only people that are “chill” enough make it in. Also make a list of all the people you’ve invited so you can just simply check them off as they go into your party.

As they come in, hand your guests some glow in the dark glow sticks or bracelets. You can really use your imagination here but we suggest at least giving them something. This is your time to get creative here; the more you put into it, the better your college party will be.

Anyone and everyone: Bigger the party, the better right?

Most college parties are like that, you simply just can walk in. With this mindset, you are guaranteed a raging party that will surprise many.

We suggest still trying to hand out as many glow in the dark items for your dance party and have someone at the door making sure you don’t get stuck with just a bunch of guys showing up to your dance party.

Equal ratio is key here to a successful dance party theme. Unless you want to be stuck dancing with the same sex… Yeah, no.

Actual Setup:

This college party theme will require a DJ or someone that can play some great dancing music. We suggest just hiring a DJ and make sure they bring lighting as then you don’t have to worry about it.

Many DJ’s have a package that offers special lighting such as disco ball, black lights, strobe light, lazer lights and more. You might even get lucky and have a fog machine to further enhance your clubbing dance party theme.

Also try to ask if they can bring in a big screen to play a live feed of the dance party. This will just get everyone more pumped seeing how big of a rager it actually turned out to be along with when guests see themselves on the big screen; they’ll only get more excited!

Costume Ideas:

Honestly, anything goes with this theme. In particular, this club dance party theme might be good with another college party theme too as its quite simple and just focuses on the dance party aspect.

Make sure you guests know that there will be dancing going on and they should dress with the idea that they will be dancing.. Well lets be real here; it’ll be a grind fest.

Warnings and Tips:

  • Make sure all valuables are stored away and under lock & key. Don’t let some asshole ruin your party because he stole something.
  • The more alcohol served, the wilder the party will be.
  • Don’t go too out of control, keep in mind that you still have to control your party.
  • Expect some dirty dancing going on at your dance party theme.. Essentially this is a dance club.

Drinks Ideas:

This party theme would go great with something that you can serve to a big group of people. So with that in mind, jungle juice or a keg would be perfect!!

Try to get as much as possible as your party will always consume more then you think; along with that you might want to charge your guests 5$ for unlimited refills to just cover some of your costs. You might even profit a little! The more alcohol served at your party, the bigger it will be.

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