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Golf Pros and Tennis Hoes Party Theme: Finally Golf Made Fun


Ever wondered what it would be like if Tiger Woods were to meet Anna Kournikova? Well, me neither (at least not with their clothes on), but with this oddly specific party theme, you can get the next best thing. Co-eds in tantalizingly short mini-skirts and dude-bros dressed like their yuppie fathers were a match made in heaven, if the popularity of this theme is any indication. So without any further ado, let’s get on to the how-tos and how-not-tos of throwing your very own Golf Pros and Tennis Hoes Party!


This theme lends itself to both the indoor and outdoor variants. The indoor version will mean a bit more work in the decorating department, but should allow for a more controlled and safe experience. This outdoor variant will certainly be easier on your budget, but it will leave you to the mercy of the elements.

As far as indoor decorations go, it would be best to use posters to do most of your work for you. You could even rent those square pieces of plastic turf or artificial lawn grass that some people use, for that extra touch.

For music, you should probably go with pop that isn’t too distracting… call me presumptuous but I just can’t picture Golf Pros listening to Lady Gaga. For activities, you could arrange for a “Do It Yourself” version of Miniature Golf involving plastic cups with the bottoms cut out and hockey sticks for golf clubs. And table tennis is close enough to real tennis…right?

Golf Pros and Tennis Hoes Party Costume Ideas:

This should be a breeze to figure out, even if you do not follow either Golf or Tennis. Since the theme technically calls for the guys to go the Golf route, with the girls in the Tennis getups (for obvious reasons, of course), it’s best to stick with that stereotype. But go ahead and break the mould if you wish though; I would just be prepared for all the second glances as you walk around the party..

The guys should wear the plainest (clean) collared shirts they can dig out of their closets and pretty much the plainest pair of formal, yet comfy pants they can find. Girls should sport (see what I did there) the mini-est of mini-skirts that their blessed hearts can tolerate.

Party Warnings and Tips:

  • If you do decide on the outdoor variant, it would be advisable to obtain all the requisite permissions well before the event. Nothing prevents a “hole-in-one” more than a premature end… if you know what I mean.
  • The chow for this kind of party can be anything, pretty much. Just remember that the easier the food is to eat, the less it gets in the way of… other activities.
  • Make sure you wear something under that skirt, you don’t want to be showing anything else at this party theme!
  • If this party theme ends up costing too much money, simply just charge at the door and hopefully that will recoup your losses.

Drink Recipes:

This is one of the few college party themes that embrace a bit of sophistication in the choice of inebriation. Try some cocktails with energy drinks in them for the ladies and the men can drink themselves silly on John Dalys. Depending on how large your party is, you can make some classy mixers and even have a pledge or a buddy be your bar tender.

Easily a great party to have a few kegs ready. I just wouldn’t suggest jungle juice cause you don’t want any Golf Pros getting messy.

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