Redneck Party Theme
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Redneck Party Theme: Feeling Hick Enough?


Just finished watching five seasons of Justified and have a hankering for Redneck “culture”? Well, what better way to celebrate the Nation’s most easily exaggerated accent than by hosting your very own Redneck Party Theme! Crackers, Honkeys, Hillbillies and Trailer Trash also welcome. Yee-haw!


As with most party themes, one of the first decisions that must be made is the venue; more specifically whether it’ll be indoors or al fresco. This is one of the best themes for an outdoor party, because it is just begging for an open BBQ or tailgating.

In fact, you really can’t top this party theme when its outdoors! But an indoor version will allow for an easier time decorating. It’s your call, but either way you’re guaranteed a fun time. Here are some variants to try out:

No Holds Barred Redneck Party Theme:

This will essentially be a mass parody of every offensive redneck stereotype around, regardless of how true (or false) they might be. Decorations should include American Flags (or Confederate Flags if you’re feeling lucky), NASCAR and Wrestling posters, model shotguns and hunting rifles and empty food cans with “bullet” holes in them.

Activities may include actually watching NASCAR or Wrestling; a shooting gallery with air-guns; and belching and armpit fart contests. Country music is the only real option for the background score of this kind of party. All in all, just revel in the absurdity of it all. Life is too short to be classy, after all.

Politically Correct Redneck Party Theme:

No such beast exists. Move along now, commie! You ain’t gettin’ my guns! Some argue though that this is one of the more boring sides of this theme… You decide on what one you want to choose!!

Costume Ideas:

Dressing up for a Redneck party theme is surprisingly easy and fun. For the girls, overdone makeup, tight tank tops and shirts tied in the front exposing bare-midriff. Short skirts are a welcome addition as well.

The male redneck outfit is almost iconic; white wife beaters with holes and stains; denim overalls or jeans; cowboy, baseball, trucker or straw hats; and finally some gum to simulate chewing tobacco.

The especially dedicated can get a mullet haircut and stay shirtless. And most importantly, don’t forget to blacken (or yellow) out your teeth. Couples can go with matching outfits and introduce themselves as cousins (don’t look at me, I don’t make the stereotypes).

Party Warnings and Tips:

  • If you’re interested in sending out physical party invitations, write them out on napkins and be sure to misspell words every now and then. Sign the invite with “God Bless America!”
  • Food is usually an afterthought for most themed parties, but the Redneck party theme is one place where the chow gets to take center stage. Say goodbye to the last 20 hours you spent working out as the unhealthier the food on display, the more authentic the party will be. Burgers, hotdogs, pork ribs, fried chicken, chili, tater tots, macaroni salad, baked beans and corn on the cob for a balanced diet…this would be the best last meal ever!
  • Drinks:

    Beer! Beer, beer and more beer! Bud Lite is the preferred brand and make sure that they’re in 24-packs. Serve harder alcohol if you must, but call it Moonshine. It’s pretty easy to please a redneck in the booze department, just don’t ever run out. You can use the empty cans for target practice as well.

    If you want, this is the time to be ordering Kegs on Kegs.. You can’t go wrong with having too much beer on hand!

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