Alcoholics Anonymous Party Theme
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Alcoholics Anonymous Party Theme: Get Your Drink On


This party theme is all about what college student love best; drinking. As everyone enters your party, they will be wearing a name-tag which says “Hi my name is” and make sure they fill it out with their name.

Tell your guests about the drinking and make sure they are prepared to be absolutely plastered when attending this alcoholics anonymous party theme! You might not even be able to remember it after this wild night of drinking!


This party theme is fairly straight forward but it always better when you have some decorations. You can go down this path in a variety of ways. Personally I would make it a dance party theme and combine it with another theme such as black light party theme. Feel free to mix and match but the more creative you get, the better it will be.

Once you have your themes set up, you have get the invitations ready. To really tie this theme together, send out invitations that have a name-tag that says “Hi my name is” in which will be there ticket into your party too.

This not only is a good ice breaker but will help you keep track who should be at your party and who needs to leave your alcoholics anonymous party theme. Make sure your guest know what they are getting into too.

Be prepared for a mess though and make sure everything is covered with plastic. Lets be real, since alcoholics anonymous party theme will be requiring a lot of drinking; it’ll be getting messy quite quick!

Costume Ideas:

Alcoholics Anonymous party theme is 10x more fun when mixed with a dance party. Not only will you and your guest be getting some action hopefully on the dance floor, they also will be dressed in skimpy clothes. If you are having a hard time trying to figure out something to wear, we have a list here to help you out:

For Girls: You can’t go too wrong with something skimpy. Just throw on booty shorts, tight t-shirt and I’m sure you will have no problem fitting in.

For Guys: Basketball shirts and a matching t-shirt should help out on that dance floor. If you are looking for a more classy approach, a simple plaid shirt will work just fine along with cargo shorts. Simply put though, they may not be that comfortable to dance with.

Party warnings and tips:

  • This party theme is known to get messy fast. Be prepared to deal with a mess since everyone will be drinking so much and often too much.
  • Plastic. Plastic. Plastic. This is almost required at this theme. Cover up anything you don’t want to get ruined as you might end up seeing some projectile..umm yeah
  • Make sure you have a plan in case all your bathrooms end up filling with guests.
  • If things happen to start to get too big, simply stop letting people in and try to control your alcoholics anonymous party theme.

Party Drinks:

Here is what this party theme is all about! The drinks! This party is perfect for having large tubs of jungle juice or going with the classic keg. These both provide great benefits in terms of having enough to serve all your guests and enough that it will last the whole night.

Since this theme is based around drinking though, make sure you have enough! This is important or else your party theme becomes pretty pointless. Buy more instead of less, more will always be better at this party theme.

Finally, feel free to add some custom drinks into this alcoholics anonymous party theme. People will love some mixers and depending on what theme you paired it with, you can create some pretty good mixers!

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