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Jersey Shore Party Theme: Its Time to Smush


Carpe Diem it is, my friends! A Jersey Shore Party is a bold move but you’ll be surprise at how easy this party can be accomplished. Whether it’s held in your college grounds or on an actual beach, a bit of initiative and creativity will fuel the atmosphere of the party.

A change of name is also needed because we’re going to call guys and girls as guidos and guidettes, respectively. Grab a camera and have your own reality TV show. With everyone at least seeing a episode of this on MTV, you’re bound to have a few people come fairly well dressed.


Having a Jersey Shore Party is the same as having a Lifeguard Bros and Surfer Hoes Party. The setting would need a beach, but if that’s not possible, then an indoor college party can still be a good idea.

Decorate the whole place with hanging lanterns, faux palm trees, beach balls, Italian flags and a sand –in-a-bottle ornaments. Throw in some party music with a DJ, especially sounds by DJ Pauly D. Don’t forget the hot tub and the duck phone. Quack!

If you get to bring the whole gang outside the campus, then that’s certainly a plus point on your part. A beach or local resto bar with a dance floor is a great place for this party bash too.

Jersey Shore Costume Ideas:

Guidos(Guys): It’s time to see that abs and v-line. Jersey Shore attire uses a white sando, swimming trunks, and a pair of expensive-looking sunglasses. The most important part would be the hair as the guidos(guys) in the show applied about a gallon of gel to get their hair to stand up. Spiky hairdos are the thing!

Guidettes(Girls): Any appropriate beach attire can be used. Bikinis or low-cut dresses are preferable picks when going to this party. If guys are going for spiky hair, then girls should pouf their hair. It’s what makes a Jersey Shore party different—you know, they have this unique style!
Another thing is to show some cleavage. It’s the show’s attention-grabber because you get to see women with C to D cup boob sizes with deep cleavages. So guidettes(girls), hair and cleavage should go together.

Reminder: If you’re as white as flour, cover yourself with tan-producing products. This show’s about being tan: tan lines, tan skin, etc.

Party Warning and Tips:

  • Drinks can be served in cups or glasses.
  • A party won’t be complete without food on its menu. Go for Italian dishes because this is what guidos and guidettes eat, right?
  • Games for your college friends are a must. You can have shot contest, karaoke or dance-offs. You can even try playing with squirt guns (Was that in the show?).
  • Lastly, Record everything on cam. You don’t want to miss the scene where your friend passed out. Try to maybe make a mix tape the following week that can highlight the party.

Drink Recipes:

This is the party with the most number of hard-liquor drinks ordered. Alcohols, vodka, cold beers, gin, and rum are just few of the choices. If you want to keep your party light, you can go for fruity cocktails like the Ron Ron juice: vodka, cranberry and watermelon juice, maraschino cherries, and ice.

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