High School Stereotypes party theme

High School Stereotypes party theme: Throwback to back in the day


Its time to look back on those dreaded high school days! This is the perfect High School peakers will shine and they will miss their glory days! If you want a throw back, High School Sterotypes may be for you…

One fun college party theme would be to have a throwback to back in High school that just mocks all those clicks! What could be more fun than a High School Stereotypes party theme?

The Setup:

This is a fairly straight forward party theme and your guests should come up with a few ideas already on what they should wear.

Just make sure you give all your party goers enough time ahead to plan for your high school stereotypes party theme and everyone that is planning on attending needs to be dressed up! Simply put, don’t let the boring people in to your party if they show up with nothing. That is both not fun and annoying.

If you really want to go the extra mile, try to combine some party themes as this one is fairly simple. It really is up to you, but it would only make the party better! For a list of ideas, check out our list of College Party Themes.

Costume ideas:

Costume ideas for your High School Stereotypes party theme shouldn’t be too hard considering everyone who is attending your party most likely went through high school. Just try to think back or head over to your Facebook and look for some pictures from your past. This is the time to get out your old football or baseball uniforms or even that classic letter jacket!

If you weren’t a stereotype though or you felt you were in between, then just get some of your old high school clothes out and or just fake it till you make it!

Finding that stereotype shouldn’t be too hard but we have created a list of costume ideas for you to choose from:

List of High School Stereotypes:

  • Classic Cheerleader: Use that old uniform!
  • Drama Queen: Carry around a box of tissues for all your issues!
  • Old School Jock: Maybe its time to get the old bat out again
  • Band Geek: Throwback to those instrument days
  • Preppy: Can anyone say collared shirts?
  • Emo Kid: Black on black on black
  • Nerd: Four Eyes?
  • Skater Boy: Bring out the skateboard
  • Goth:.. You know what I’m saying
  • Theater Nerd: Pull out those old costumes

Party warnings and tips:

  • Once again, don’t let people who are not dressed up at your party. People who show up not dressed up will simply ruin it
  • If you need to charge a cover, just do it. Don’t get stuck paying the costs when you’re providing the location!
  • Try to keep all your valuables set aside and out of the way so nothing gets stolen. Don’t let some asshole ruin your night

Party Drinks:

Often parties provide some type of group drink and this one would be perfect for either a keg or the classic jungle juice! You really can’t go too wrong but it’s best to have at-least something on hand.

You could even go down this theme more and provide beers in cans to complete your high school stereotypes party theme… Almost like a throwback when you had to snag some out of your families fridge!

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