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Outer Space Party Theme: Time To get Out of This World

Outer Space Party Theme Description:

One of the most unique party themes is the outer space theme party. You can do more with this theme than any other, because you aren’t limited to Your outer space party theme will be out of this world if you put a little bit of effort into making it an interstellar event.

Your guests will have a great time with aliens, astronauts, space ships, and interstellar beverages!


The setup for an outer space party theme is simple, but takes some advance planning. Black lights are ideal, but you will need to plan in advance to have the proper accessories illuminated by the black lights.

Think posters, cardboard cutouts of your favorite science fiction characters, and, if you have creative help, a big space ship or flying saucer centerpiece!

Some strobes would be a good idea, too, to simulate the starlight in outer space. Depending on your party venue, you might want to get some of those glow in the dark stars and stick them to the ceiling, if you can reach it. If you need ideas, there are plenty of space-themed shows and movies that you can draw inspiration from. (Hint: some of the most popular start with the word “Star.”)

Costume Ideas:

The outer space party theme leaves more room for creative costumes than any party theme. Think of your favorite movie or show that is based in space; how many different options for costumes are there, just for the human (or humanoid) crew members? The sky is absolutely NOT the limit here.

In fact, there is no limit. How many different types of aliens have you seen? How many different types of astronauts or spaceship crews or interstellar warriors? I’m sure that everyone can come up with a fun costume for this party.

Don’t forget to sex it up; I’m sure everyone is familiar with various scenes from space themed movies with scantily clad women. After all, what’s a party without sexy costumes?

Warnings and Tips:

There’s not much of a hazard involved in an outer space party theme. If you do choose to use strobe lights, make sure that people aren’t staring into them; a good party is not defined by burnt out retinas!

Make sure that you send out your invitations well in advance, so that your guests have time to assemble the perfect costume; you want to give your lady aliens and astronauts ample time so they can show up looking good!


Almost any drink selection will suffice for an outer space party theme, but keep in mind that you need to have enough for everyone!

If you have enough time to prepare them, kids juices in foil packets can have liquor mixed in with them, similar to what astronauts drink on the space station.

If not, a simple internet search should turn up plenty of results for space- and planet-themed shots and mixed drinks. Of course, if you’re feeling creative, you could also create your own! If you have a punch bowl, get a large ball of ice, and call it “Pluto punch,” or something similar. That should be sufficient to keep the party going.

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