CEOs and Office Hoes Party Theme
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CEOs and Office Hoes Party Theme: Throwing that office party


Looking to be that big businessman? Hopefully you think you’ll be that CEO? Might as well throw a classy college office party that will rock your town! With CEOs and Office Hoes Party Theme, you’ll get those sexy ladies and good looking guys all cleaned up; ready to party!

The Setup:

This party theme is fairly straightforward and doesn’t require much prep. Just make sure your guests are informed of the theme and they must dress up or don’t let them in. Don’t let lazy people ruin the party theme.

Costume Ideas:

I’m sure you’re wondering; What should I wear to a CEOs and Office Hoes Party Theme? This theme isn’t too hard plus you’ll get to see everyone fairly dressed up. This theme really isn’t that hard. Just think about what you might want to wear to the office downtown. Fancy or slutty, that is their choice but here are some ideas for both guys and girls:

Outfit Ideas For Guys

For CEOs and Office Hoes Party Theme, the guys need to be in the nicest and classiest clothes. There CEOs, not some average joe going to work in their jeans and graphic t-shirt. We’re talking those nice dress pants, a tie and finally, that sleek overcoat. You want to stand out from the rest of the guys at this party theme. Go all out and show them who’s the next big CEO of the company! This is your time to shine guys!

Outfit Ideas For Girls

This is your time to decide ladies You still need to dress fancy even when you’re showing skin. Lets be real, this is still a office party.

If you are up for being more slutty, wear a fancy top with some booty shorts. A few ideas here include: A button up dress, a shirt, high heels, stockings and more. Get fancy, get slutty and enjoy the party!

You also can’t go wrong with a red dress either!

Feel free to mix and match ideas as you simply can’t go wrong with this CEOs and Office Hoes Party Theme. You’ll find that most people will either dress in very dark clothes or a mix of red and black.

Warnings and Tips:

  • Make sure all your valuables are set aside at this party. Don’t let someone who steals ruin it for you.
  • Clear out a room so there is room to have the majority of the party at
  • Feel free to charge your guests if you’re serving hard liqueur considering it can add up fast.
  • Make sure all your guests actually dress up or simply don’t let them in.

Drink Ideas:

If you want this CEOs and Office Hoes Party Theme to feel like the real deal, pull out the expensive hard alcohol and provide mixers or cocktails. With all your fancy mixers, this party theme is pretty much complete.

Heck, a keg would work pretty well too at this college party! If you are looking for some drink recipes, feel free to check out our Drink Section!

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