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Toga Party Theme: One sexy classic College Party Theme

Toga Party Theme Description:

Perhaps one of the most iconic, common, and – dare I say it – traditional college parties are held with the toga party theme. Largely inspired by the “Greek life” of the various well- and lesser-known fraternities and sororities, toga parties are the material that movies, legends, and lifelong memories are made of!

For many college freshman, the toga party theme is their first introduction to the post high school party scene. Do it right, and this can set the stage to keep drawing people to your parties for the entirety of their college years!


When you think about a toga party, what is the décor that comes to mind? For most people, it calls upon images of Greek architecture and art; columns, arches, vases and busts. Part of the reason that a toga party theme is so popular is that many fraternities and sororities have these types of items readily available!

If you build a good working relationship with the Greek life community on your campus and other nearby universities, you should have no problem pulling together the proper décor! Aim for rustic, but not “old.” Don’t play ancient Greek music, though; you want your party to be fun, not lame! (Or sober.)

Costume Ideas

What does one wear when attending a toga party theme event? It’s in the name, of course! A toga can be as simple as taking a white flat bed sheet and wrapping it around yourself, or can be a more elaborate custom garment. Sandals will, of course, be the default footwear (unless your party takes place in the winter in a cold climate).

The biggest advantage to a toga is…yes, you guess it. It’s sexy by default, due to the amount of skin that is almost guaranteed to be shown. Make sure you invite plenty of ladies! Of course, a costume contest is a time-honored tradition for this type of party, with prizes for the lady and gentleman with the best toga. Free drinks for the rest of the evening should suffice!

Party Warnings and Tips:

  • To maximize the fun at your toga party, try to avoid a lot of breakable items in your décor.
  • The biggest potential hazard will come from people getting their toes stepped on in their “traditional” Greek foot wear, but once your party gets moving, this is almost unavoidable, especially on the dance floor.
  • Your guests will be having plenty of fun; they’ll get over it! Besides, what fun is a party without a little bit of risk?


The most “authentic” drink for your toga party theme will be wine. Don’t go spending a bunch of money on expensive wines, though; if you set the atmosphere properly, box wine will suffice. For bonus points, try a wine-based punch, or a homemade sangria, with real fruit for the proper visual effect.

Of course, many college students haven’t yet acquired a taste for wine, so it is important to have other options available so that everyone can enjoy the party. A couple kegs of beer should be sufficient to keep your party going!

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