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Fiesta Party Theme: Time to Get a Little Spicy


It’s time to get loco! A fiesta *or party in English) is the most widely celebrated events in the world and so, college parties are great times to hold your own fiesta.

This party theme traces its roots to the city of talented Mariachi and Telenovelas and it’s none other than Mexico! Throwing a College Fiesta Party is no easy feat, but with the right decorations, proper attires, and planned drinks; you’re surely going to have an authentic fiesta right at your college grounds.


A fiesta party is typically held outdoors—in the streets with the bright yellow sun beaming down on you. But, of course you can’t run amok in the streets yelling Ole! Ole; so you have to hold the fiesta at an indoor room.

Fiesta decors can easily be brought in any party stores or if you’re tight on budget, you can use your resourcefulness by painting old clothing sheets and using it as banners.

Decorate the area in splashing bold colors and patterns. Cut out streamers and banners in various designs and colors; you can use crepe papers or construction papers.

The piñatas are the treats of the party; you can fill it with candies or you can use money considering your guests are well, teenagers. Put balloons, small guitars, sombreros, and maracas in the area. Go Mexican with your music too and you’ll be surprise at how your guests can easily learn to dance with the Hula and Limbo.

Fiesta Party Costume Ideas:

A fiesta party will give you the opportunity to mix and match dresses and attires of different colors. Both guys and gals should go for bold and colorful prints and patterns. The guys can wear a serape, a large cloth that you wear over your neck and covers your upper trunks and limbs down to your knees.

You can also put on a sombrero and bring a pair of maracas for a true Mexican look-alike.

Mexican culture is greatly influenced by the music of Spain; hence you can dress up as a Mariachi. These are male musicians that wore black tuxedos and carry string instruments with them. They also know how to sing with their tenor voices so you should know a song or two when you’re vying for the Mariachi getup.

As for the gals, frilly and ruffled dresses are the fiesta-appropriate attire. They can accessorize their looks with flowers and a pair of Maracas. If they want to look sexy, there are certain attires available like the body-con serape dress.

Party Warnings and Tips:

  • Mexican cuisine is the obvious option and it’s well known for the variety of spices it offers. Tacos are the national dish and other popular dishes served are burritos, enchiladas, quesadillas and many more. You can also use mango or tamarind sauces complemented with vinegar and peppers.
  • Drinks are served in iced such as fruity lemonades and margaritas. You can also go for light alcoholic drinks.
  • You can also provide party games for your guests such as the chili pepper challenge, piñatas and tacos nachos depending on if its a rager or more of a casual themed party.

Drink Recipes:

Obviously you’ll want to add a little Fiesta to this party, therefore I’d suggest having maybe margaritas if you can afford it. Otherwise, Jungle Juice would be perfect; heck you can even find a recipe that will make green or blue jungle juice too!

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