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Under The Sea Party Theme: Get it on while Under The Sea

Under The Sea Party Theme Description:

If you use an Under The Sea party theme for your next big event, nobody will forget the experience! This is an opportunity to have the best party around, that people will be talking about for the rest of the year. There are so many creative options for this, that you’ll have no problem making this a great party!

This one basically mandates a skimpy outfit, so be sure to invite all of the ladies on campus. Can you imagine all of your favorite sorority sisters walking around like mermaids that have sprouted legs?


The sky’s the limit with setup for your under the sea party theme; there are so many things you can do! What kind of deep sea treasures can you provide? Treasure chests and a stack of fake gold coins would make a great centerpiece.

Depending on your venue, you could even put some sand on the floor! (This is good in a warehouse; not so good for your own house.) Do you have some blue lights that you can project on the walls to add to the aquatic effect? What about a projector that you can use to project images of undersea creatures on the wall?

Costume Ideas:

There are many costume possibilities for an under the sea party theme. For the guys, I would suggest a manly theme, like Poseidon, or some sort of a deep sea creature. For the ladies, the obvious costume would be a sexy mermaid! (Every college party should be sexy, right?)

Of course, this is an Under The Sea party theme, and not actually underwater, so fins probably aren’t a good option. A simple bikini would probably suffice, though! If any girl shows up with a seashell bikini, make sure that she gets free shots all night – that’s the type of costuming that you want to encourage!

Heck, you can even show up to this party theme as the captain of the ship, use your imagination and you can create one awesome costume!

Warnings and Tips:

There probably aren’t many hazards associated with the Under The Sea party theme, but there are risks to every situation. If there are any decorations that involve actual water, keep an eye on them; you don’t want an overly intoxicated “mermaid” to fall in the water unnoticed!


The obvious drink of choice for all things aquatic would be something blue! A simple internet search will show many blue and green punches; try to make small batches of a few different recipes ahead of time, to be sure that you can make something that everyone will enjoy!

Mix it strong enough for everyone to enjoy, but not so strong that the party ends early; you want the sexy action of your Under The Sea party theme to go on into the early hours of the morning! Bonus points if you come up with a recipe with seafoam on the top!

Of course, not everyone will like the punch no matter how good it is, so you should still have a variety of drinks on hand; a good party has something for everyone. A basic selection of beer and light and dark

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