kegs and eggs party theme

Kegs and Eggs Party Theme: Best of both worlds


This is one innovative and interesting college party theme. This party theme will please both the breakfast goers and alcohol lovers. We might even go as far as to call it the perfect combination; a calm comfortable breakfast and a black out rager with a lot of alcohol.

You and you’re guests will have a all out rager that you will either pass out at or drink till you just simply can’t drink anymore. Followed by that, you wake up to one breakfast that will definitely break any hangover.

Best of both worlds, we present to you; the Kegs and Eggs Party Theme.

The Setup:

Kegs and Eggs party theme has mainly three areas:

  • Where can everyone sleep
  • Having more than enough alcohol
  • One breakfast to break any hangover

Sleeping Arrangements

Sleeping arrangements aren’t too hard to set up. We suggest going simply and just have sleeping bags around. Obviously you don’t want to be stuck buying sleeping bags for all your guests, so make sure you inform them to bring their own and just in case; have a few extra put aside for the few that forget.

In the end, I know I’ll end up sleeping on anything available when I’m hammered enough.

Breakfast Arrangements

You will be several people to play chef and keep things on track. Your best bet will be having everything in house and made at home to keep cost down. We suggest buying plenty of eggs, bacon, pancake mix, coffee, orange juice, and maple syrup to feed your party goers.

The trick for Kegs and Eggs party theme is to have a good enough night where you can still eat the next morning without worry.

Kegs and Eggs Party Theme Variations

Kegs and eggs party theme comes in mainly two variations. One focuses on the night and tops off with stopping at a place for breakfast just when the sun is rising.

Guaranteed one memorable night and a soothing morning, but this one can be tough to pull off as once the sun rises; most of your party goers may be unable to actually get themselves there.

The other variation is mainly just a breakfast and drinking event. Instead of having them both at separate times, you just combine them into one and have both! Throw in a keg and have your breakfast food out for everyone to enjoy. Warning: Could be a bad combination for some if they drink too much…

Costume Ideas:

In all honesty, pajamas are best. You could pair this up with a pajama college party and create one memorable night. It’ll be perfect since everyone can make fun of each others clothes and you will already have something to sleep in. It couldn’t fit better for this college party theme.

Warnings and Tips:

  • This could be a bad combination if you have party goers whom go too hard and try to eat. We suggest having an area ready for the few that become a mess..
  • Smaller the party, easier it’ll be cooking for everyone. Therefore, invite the key people who will have a great time.
  • Charge people who come to the party, this party theme isn’t cheap therefore people will usually understand since they are getting a crap ton of alcohol and a hangover busting meal.

Drink Ideas:

We suggest serving something out of a keg since its called kegs and eggs party theme. In reality though, you can serve whatever you want in terms of alcoholic beverages.

If you want your party to be a rager, pick out that hard liquor. If you want it to go sorta slow, throw a keg out there with red solo cups. For more recipes, check out our college drink recipes.

Party Recipes/Ideas

We usually don’t provide recipes for food, but these few stood out to us!

  • Cinnamon rolls:
  • Easy to just throw in the oven and serves many.

  • Eggs, bacon, pancakes:
  • We had to include the obvious, just a little harder to do since you need cooks!

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