rubiks cube party theme

Rubiks Cube Party Theme


Even though this party may sound a little odd, it can be one great time and memorable for all your guests. A rubiks cube party theme is simply a party where everyone will come dressed as one color and hopefully in the end; will leave in different colors.

Each party members goal is to swap and trade as much clothes in which will hopefully create a colorful messed up rubiks cube of clothes on each one of your guests.

Rubiks cube party theme can easily be paired with any other theme making it one of the most memorable parties that you’ve ever attended.

If you want a really cool effect, we suggest a blacklight party theme along side this to really bring out the colors at a rubiks rube party theme. Check out our blacklight party guide in our party theme section!

The Setup:

Everyone who is planning on attending the party needs to show up as one color of ridiculous clothes. The end goal of the party though is to go around swapping clothes, heck; you could even call this a stripper party as everyone will be loosing their clothes as they swap them around.

You can be stripping someone as they strip you! Have fun with it, don’t be lame.. It might seem weird at first, but after a few shots; it’ll be on of the best party themes you have ever attended! Don’t miss out!

Costume Ideas:

Its a fairly straight forward set up requiring all the guests to simply show up as one color.

You better keep in mind though that you are going to be loosing a lot of these clothes so make sure its something that you are willing to get rid of!

We suggest hitting up your local goodwill or salvation army and finding some prime items that will lead to you having a cheap outfit!

Don’t do just something stupid, make sure you go all out and have a ton of accessories.. The more ridiculous it is, the better the party will be! We’re talking hats, gloves, watches and more.. Don’t skimp out when you attend a rubiks cube party theme.

Warnings and Tips:

  • Make sure you clear a space for your party
  • Remove all breakable items
  • If you have anything valuable, lock it up! Don’t let some asshole ruin the party for you by stealing stuff
  • Even though you may be hosting the party, make sure you have fun! This is a party theme that is meant to be fun and exciting
  • We highly suggest pairing this rubiks cube party theme up with another theme and making one college party that will be hard to forget!

Drink Ideas:

There aren’t too many drinks that are perfect for this party theme but we suggest going with the classic jungle juice or even a keg. You could throw some bright drinks in though as they’ll fit in perfectly with the color of the rubiks cube party theme.

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